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In my teaching I have been known to say that a convenience sample is only "convenient for the investigator".
Gallup does not weight the Student Poll samples because the samples are not randomly drawn from a larger population; they are instead a convenience sample of participating schools and students.
This descriptive study used a nonrandomized convenience sample to determine the incidence of NPUs when securing the NGT with a commercially available device compared to conventional adhesive tape.
Although the sample studied was a small convenience sample, the authors determined that the findings of a high probability of substance dependence indicated the need for additional research with a larger sample.
At a retreat last weekend, I asked a nonrandom convenience sample of women faculty their reactions to the Sandberg message.
The small size of villages on the Manu'a Islands meant that spatial sampling was not possible; thus, a convenience sample of volunteers was recruited.
The authors recruited a convenience sample of 62 children (30 with single parents, and 32 children with married parents) between six and nine years old.
If the data from the convenience sample supports the hypothesis, then it needs to be confirmed with a more representative sample.
590) measured eight PFCs in 300 serum samples collected in 2009 from a convenience sample of Dallas, Texas, children (157 girls and 143 boys) < 13 years of age and examined age and sex differences in PFC concentrations.
Number of Subjects: A convenience sample of 9 participants from a service learning physical therapy program offered by Oakland University served as subjects.
46); or variable willingness to trust that the physician donate organs among a would attempt life- convenience sample of saving measures even if a Seventh Day Adventist donor (OR 1.