control stock

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Control stock

The shares owned by the controlling shareholders of a corporation. Sometimes refers to stock that has voting rights rather than stock that carries no voting rights. In a situation where all stock has voting rights, it sometimes refers to the shareholdings of one investors or a group of investors that effectively control the firm.

Supervoting Stock

Common stock designated by the publicly-traded company issuing it as having more voting rights than other common stock. This gives a shareholder of supervoting stock a greater amount of control over the company. For example, a company can designate its supervoting stock as having three votes and its regular common stock as having one vote. It is also called control stock. See also: Limited-voting stock, Golden share.

control stock

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To test whether the increase in the number of analysts following optioned stocks is significant, we compare each firm's change to that of its control stock over the same period.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is the owner of the part of shares, whereas Araratbank s control stock belongs to the Armenian Flash oil trader.
Responding to the level of losses in its libraries, a spokesman for Cardiff County Council said: "The library services' primary function is to lend items and it is a difficult balancing act to remain true to that philosophy with the need to control stock.
Managing director David Osborne, said: "We are looking at other markets but will retain our regional base, which helps us to respond to sales patterns and control stock.
1 million as margins at Oasis were affected by initiatives to control stock levels.
Tony's key duties are to schedule the corrugator and conversion machines, update and control stock, and work closely with the transport department.
But if the retailer gets exactly what he's ordered, it means that he is able to accurately control stock levels and not go short on his bestselling lines," he says.
Usui added that in general it is undesirable for the government to attempt to control stock prices.
This means users can control stock, waste management and plan production effectively.
Suppliers are likely to be told to tag all higher value goods from the point of production in a move to control stock loss and shrinkage.
Do you need to control stock in a variety of locations?
As such, both pickers and the RR operators have been equipped with hand-held radio data terminals to accurately control stock and speed the output of more than 2000 cases a day, seven days a week.