control stock

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Control stock

The shares owned by the controlling shareholders of a corporation. Sometimes refers to stock that has voting rights rather than stock that carries no voting rights. In a situation where all stock has voting rights, it sometimes refers to the shareholdings of one investors or a group of investors that effectively control the firm.

Supervoting Stock

Common stock designated by the publicly-traded company issuing it as having more voting rights than other common stock. This gives a shareholder of supervoting stock a greater amount of control over the company. For example, a company can designate its supervoting stock as having three votes and its regular common stock as having one vote. It is also called control stock. See also: Limited-voting stock, Golden share.

control stock

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To test whether the increase in the number of analysts following optioned stocks is significant, we compare each firm's change to that of its control stock over the same period.
Focus on understanding these customers' needs and you will be better placed to plan your production and control stock.
As well as making best use of their EPoS system to keep a close eye on prices and to control stock, the Budwals use technology to promote to customers via monitors in the store.
local time (the "Meeting"), which seeks shareholder approval of the Company's Change of Control Stock Option Plan as described in the Proxy Statement.
RSS is a technology innovator in the specialized area of restricted and control stock.
RSS), a provider of restricted and control stock management solutions, today announced a partnership and the availability of a solution designed to automate the restricted stock sales and compliance process on Thomson ONE Advisor.
He says: "We spent 9,000 [pounds sterling] on a two-lane scanning package, which we use to price and control stock.
a privately held company, and Cardio Control NV, a publicly traded Dutch company (Euronext Amsterdam--Cardio Control), jointly announced today that their governing boards have approved a proposed friendly cash offer by Welch Allyn to acquire all outstanding shares of Cardio Control stock for EUR 6.
The D2D Plus tool is designed to help parts departments increase profits, reduce idle inventory and carrying costs, increase inventory turns, and better control stock levels and parts assortment.
This contract placed the control stock of the corporation into escrow with Mark White at Farmers Savings Bank in Colesburg, IA Tel#563/856-2315, and appointed Mr.
Crime reduction was highlighted as another important factor in the adoption of RFID as enhanced access to information and visibility of goods enables retailers to control stock 'shrinkage' and theft.
In real-time, clients can also monitor overall buying power, profit and loss, total number of shares traded, open and closed positions, total equity, stocks being traded, and control stock share size.