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50% of the outstanding votes plus one vote.


Half plus one of ownership of a company. Control gives the person or group having it the ability to make all decisions on how the company operates. In a publicly-traded company, control comes from buying more than half of the common stock.


the process of ensuring that activities are carried out as intended. Control involves monitoring aspects of performance and taking corrective action where necessary. For instance, control of expenditure involves regular monitoring of expenditure figures, comparison of these with budget targets, and decisions to cut or increase expenditure where any discrepancy is believed to be harmful. Without control an ORGANIZATION cannot function: employees would go their own way (possibly with the best of intentions) and the organization would fragment, making COORDINATION impossible. Control can, therefore, be viewed as a central component of MANAGEMENT.

Some writers in the SOCIOLOGY OF WORK have argued that, since (in their view) employers' and employees' interests are opposed, control of labour is the main task of management. Without it, workers would behave in a way which is detrimental to managerial goals. Research has shown, however, that many managers attach more importance to other managerial functions (such as budgeting), whilst it is questionable whether employees would necessarily act in the way suggested. See ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS.

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In the control population, all six software packages classified 491 (93%) of the 529 patients in the not-at-risk group and 5 (0.9%) in the at-risk group.
'We should have to control population growth as our resources are limited in comparison to population growth', he added.
Responding to her question, Minister for Population Welfare Dr Malik Mukhtar Ahmad Bherath explained that it was the personal decision of families to control population and the department's job was to facilitate and provide relevant counseling.
Citing example of Sri Lanka that has been able to reduce incidence of human rabies and effectively control population of stray dogs, she said the country was a good example to tackle this challenge in a way which took care of both human and animal welfare.
Bargad Executive Director Sabiha Shaheen believed that they could not control population growth rather initiatives must be taken to manage it now.
He called for imposition of an emergency in the country to control population growth rate and to make investment in human resource development.
The province has recently launched the Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF) that is working to identify, implement and scale up innovative ideas to tinker with factors that will control population growth.
He further informed that Iran, Bangladesh and China had taken step regarding to control population and got positive results, adding that Iranian population growth rate had been reduced 50 percent now after taking measure in this regard.
Later, an awareness walk to control population was held.
He said there was dire need to control population as existing resources were depleting on fast track.
FAISALABAD -- The speakers at a seminar have urged for taking effective measures to control population in the country.