control person

Control person

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Control Person

An important person in a corporation. Control persons include senior managers, members of the board of directors, and officers such as the CEO and CFO. Control persons are able to use both their authority and their influence to make decisions on the corporation's activities. A control person is also called an affiliated person.
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control person

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The Company can potentially become a 'control person' of Sandspring assuming conversion of its subscription receipts or the exercise of share purchase warrants and have undertaken not to exercise warrants if such conversion would result in them becoming a control person of Sandspring, unless and until shareholder approval (excluding the Company's votes) has been received.
SOL Global is a control person of Heavenly Rx as contemplated under applicable Canadian securities laws and therefore the participation of the company in the offering constituted a related party transaction.
228 and 244 share a common control person. 228 entered into a debt conversion agreement with the Company under which 228 agreed to settle $165,100.00 of indebtedness in exchange for 2,096,508 common shares in the capital of the Company.
DevMar Equities' control person - Mark DeMaria, is also the member of DevMar, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company and real estate developer ("DevMar" see
The first action would seek amendments to FINRA's Membership Application Program rules and require a member firm to seek a "materiality consultation" with FINRA if the member is not otherwise required to file a continuing membership application and: (1) a broker with certain specified risk events seeks to become an owner, control person or principal of the member; or (2) the member seeks to add a broker with certain specified risk events to the firm.
All resolutions of the annual general meeting passed with more than 99% voting shareholder approval, including election of directors, appointment of MNP LLP as auditors, settlement of accrued officer compensation, creation of new control person, approval of stock option plan, and amendment to the company's articles.
* Control person liability (broadly construed), which applies even in the absence of fraud or negligence by key officials and places a burden on the officials to prove that they acted in good faith and did not induce an issuers' fraud.
Then it was a quality control person. More and more we're working with process engineers interested in electric motors, for example, with higher-revolution parts and much less noise.
The control person liability of a CFO is similar to that of a CPA in public practice.
(40) Even when there is not a control person, financial institutions will still be required to identify one.
He was employed as a production control person for 33 years for Coppus Engineering before retiring in 1998.
Boyd Craig is a control person of Craig Wireless and has beneficial ownership of more than 10 percent of the issued and outstanding subordinate voting shares and multiple voting shares of the company.