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"Pero alam mo, iyong mga contrarian naman ay sila din iyong mga tumatakbo na pagka-senador; halos marami sa kanila ay tumatakbong senador sa oposisyon [But you know, these contrarians are also running for senator.
"To each fake campaign of the 'compulsive contrarians' over a period of time, ultimately the truth has prevailed.
Every stakeholder in the market was in agreement with the Government position but the Contrarians deflected the credit and liquidity issue to the issue of autonomy.
To be the smart money, Hsu said, "Be the contrarian! Hold onto managers people are firing, and redeem from managers people love" to gain that 2% return gap that Research Affiliates' research shows fundamental indexing can deliver.
In 2004, a contrarian investor might have invested in a precious metals mutual fund.
The trend of contrarian news certainly started on May 10 when Zachs Investment Research sent out a bulletin saying that A.H.
The solar sunspot cycle was a popular choice for solar-driven global warming among many climate change contrarians over a decade ago.
They occupied a middle moral ground between the clerical political economists and the contrarians. They agreed with the academics on the utilitarian beneficence of antebellum capitalism.
Yet Hitchens's subject is also larger than both himself and Orwell; at the center of the book is Hitchens's discussion of his intellectual vocation as the eternal drag, the naysayer, the critic - in short, the contrarian. Why Orwell Matters is something of a Letters to a Young Contrarian, Part Two -- a guide to what it means to be a permanent dissenter as seen through the prism of George Orwell's life.
So what kind of strategies do the contrarian investors adopt and how successful are they?
If so, you may be a contrarian investor, points out Joseph P.
New Delhi [India], Jan 17 ( ANI ): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday took a dig at the Opposition saying that a new class of Compulsive Contrarians, including the Left and dynastic politicians, has emerged to create perpetual propaganda against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre.