contract month

Contract month

The month in which futures contracts may be satisfied by making or accepting a delivery.

Delivery Month

The month in which an option or futures contract expires and delivery must be made. The seller generally must inform the buyer of delivery during the delivery month.

contract month

The month in which a futures contract requires delivery of the commodity. Most contracts are offset or closed before this time so that no delivery is necessary.
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Total quantity or scope: The purchase of laboratory equipment procurement contracting is divided into six parts by one procurement procedure, ie concluded for the purchase of equipment Supplier (s) of the contract month.
As the new contract month began in mid-September, sellers cited the high cost of marginal supply from the Atlantic basin in pushing to extend the rally that began in late July.
Each monthly contract expires on the 10th trading day of the contract month.
The first contract month available for trading EUAAs will be December 2012, with subsequent December and quarterly contracts listed out to 2020.
The change will be effective no later than the May 2013 contract month.
It will be listed for 24 consecutive months, with November 2010 as the first listed contract month.
New York's West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark nearby also gained slightly, both on roll over activity into the next trading contract month, and on possible bottoming out of downward economic projections.
Speculative Position Limits: 600 futures-equivalent contracts all contract months; 300 futures-equivalent contracts any contract month; 1,200 option contracts any contract month.
At the end of February, the settlement price of the Crude Oil back contract month was up 14.
Since the expiry date has passed, the current contract month will be extended until such time as the European tendering has been completed.
89 ** 1st contract month for COMEX copper * 3rd contract month for SHFE AL, CU and ZN SHFE ZN began trading on 26/3/07
The first ICE Brent NX contract month available for trading will be December 2012, with new contract months listed out to December 2019.

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