contract month

Contract month

The month in which futures contracts may be satisfied by making or accepting a delivery.

Delivery Month

The month in which an option or futures contract expires and delivery must be made. The seller generally must inform the buyer of delivery during the delivery month.

contract month

The month in which a futures contract requires delivery of the commodity. Most contracts are offset or closed before this time so that no delivery is necessary.
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At the commencement of each trading day, there shall be price fluctuation limits in effect for each contract month of this futures contract of $10.
It will be listed for the current calendar year and the next two calendar years, with January 2015 as the first listed contract month.
Each monthly contract expires on the 10th trading day of the contract month.
The first contract month available for trading EUAAs will be December 2012, with subsequent December and quarterly contracts listed out to 2020.
The change will be effective no later than the May 2013 contract month.
It will be listed for 24 consecutive months, with November 2010 as the first listed contract month.
Existing regulation 3-yr & 5-yr 10-yr futures futures Settlement method Cash settlement Physical delivery Trading unit 100 million won 50 million won Coupon rate 8/100 per year 5/100 per year Contract month 2 within 6 months 3 within 9 months Quotation unit 0.
Monthly average price and total volume were aggregated over contract month rather than calendar month since the last trading day of a contract does not correspond to a fixed calendar date, (3) and for consistency with other physical commodity market factors such as crude oil inventories and excess production capacity of crude oil, which are based on calendar month.
It is to be listed for 24 consecutive months, with August 2010 as the first listed contract month.
The price for each contract month equals the arithmetic average of the rates for each business day as published either by the Baltic Exchange or by Platts Oilgram Price Report for the corresponding route.
Historically there has been extremely low volume in any particular S&P 500 index futures contract month until just a few weeks before the maturity of the prior contract or about 14 weeks prior to the last day to trade.