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If an annuity contract is received in exchange for property (other than money):
They went over the contract of the fight with a fine-tooth comb.
368-1(e)(2)(iii)(C) states that contracts that provide for contingent consideration will generally not qualify under the binding contract rule.
Instead, NTSP rejected the contracts outright on behalf of its physicians and NTSP's collective bargaining leverage is exerted illegally before its physicians even have a chance to opt in or opt out of a contract.
There are no separate written or oral "side agreements" to any contracts that could reduce, limit, mitigate or otherwise affect any actual or potential loss under the contract;
The four contracts studied were the Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program and Balkans Support contracts, the Air Force's Contract Augmentation Program, and the Navy's Construction Capabilities Augmentation Program.
The service levels should require continuous performance improvements over the term of the contract to motivate the provider to enhance service quality and take advantage of improvements in technology and capabilities.
The contract benefits typically are for a legally set period of time and may or may not be explicitly renewable.
van der Smissen's statement regarding the conflict between tort and contract law highlights the complexity of contractual risk transfer as a risk management tool.
The conceptual philosophy behind these NIPARS/PROS contractual models required a cultural readjustment by the entire acquisition community who sustained a belief that only the government, and the contracting officer, could contract for supplies and services at a fair and reasonable price.
ii) a provision stating that a party cannot suspend performance if another party to the contract fails to make prompt payments, is void.
Key elements of a stevedore contract fit into a best value review.

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