continuing professional development

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continuing professional development (CPD)

the regular updating by PROFESSIONALS of their skills and knowledge. Professional institutes encourage their members to undertake CPD, and in some cases progression within the professional body is dependent on a minimum level of regular CPD
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A number of speakers lectured in this workshop from Centre for Continuing Professional Development, Baxter Company Limited, MOH Department of NCDs, in addition to speakers from Nizwa and Royal Hospitals.
SBN-2006: Enhancing the Continuing Professional Development of Filipino Workers and Professionals filed on Sept.
Winston Castelo described as burdensome the practice of continuing professional development not only to the OFWs but to all licensed professionals.
GNA has the responsibility to disseminate and implement standards of CNE consistent with national professional criteria for both approval and provision of continuing professional development activities.
Apart from live product demonstrations, Building Services Qatar will feature a variety of educational elements such as a unique internationally certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop programme, technical seminars and business matchmaking.
al- Musalami announced that this initiative is one of the Federal Health Ministry initiative, and supported by the US Carter Organization for the training of the health cadre in the field of midwives, anesthesiologists, surgical processors, health attendants and health observers as well as training of trainers in health science academies, continuing professional development centers and midwifery schools.
Future volumes will specifically feature research emanating from our field's most important conferences, professional associations, and regionally-based initiatives as a way of contributing to the continuing professional development of our junior colleagues and the dissemination of their scholarship.
The award recognized Miller for ensuring that The Institutes remain true to its mission of empowering risk management and insurance professionals to help those in need through their own continuing professional development.
Attending the conference gives nurses 15 hours of education and continuing professional development. Other benefits include networking and socialising with colleagues, meeting industry specialists, gaining new knowledge and keeping up with innovations around the country.
He will also be responsible for leading the modernisation of pharmaceutical services and the continuing professional development of staff.
Some of the basics of career planning are integrated into specifics about the health care industry, with chapters covering continuing professional development avenues, service delivery and improvement, leadership and basic business skills, and more.
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