contingent value right

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Contingent Value Right

A right attached to a stock entitling the holder to the difference between the share price and some stated amount of money should the share price not exceed that amount in a given period of time. CVRs are most often attached to stocks after a merger or acquisition to encourage shareholders not to sell, and to give the new situation a chance to become profitable.

contingent value right (CVR)

The right to a cash payment if the average price of an underlying security fails to reach a specified level by a certain date. The size of the payment to the owner of the right depends on the difference between the specified and actual prices. The CVR expires without value if the actual price of the underlying security exceeds the specified price.
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In addition, the contingent value rights generally will provide a holder with an opportunity to receive certain net proceeds, if any are recovered, from certain ongoing litigation and government investigations relating to A.
In addition to the upfront cash payment, Alexza stockholders will be granted contingent value rights to receive cash payments in four payment categories if specified milestones are achieved following the closing.
But the new offer also includes a contingent value right of up to $25 per share related to the sales of Darpin, Allergan's experimental eye drug that is seen as a potential competitor to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc's REGN.
The contingent value right represents a proportionate interest in up to an additional USD 8.
In conjunction, Dyax shareholders may receive additional value through a non-tradable contingent value right that will pay USD4.
1bn in cash, and up to USD30 per share (approximately USD360 million in aggregate) in a Contingent Value Right (CVR) that may be payable based on the status of eluxadoline, Furiex's lead product, as a controlled drug following approval.
00 per share plus one non-transferable contingent value right per share, which will entitle the holder thereof to a maximum payment of $4.
05 Oil Search shares plus a contingent value right for each InterOil share.