contingent order

Contingent order

An order which can be executed only if another event occurs; i.e. "sell Oct 45 call 7-1/4 with stock 52 or lower".

Contingent Order

An order to a broker to conduct a transaction on the assumption that a related transaction is conducted. The related transaction may occur before, after, or at the same time as the contingent order. That is, an investor may give an order to his/her broker to buy Stock A contingent upon the sale of Stock B. A common example of a contingent order is a buy-write, in which an investor orders his/her broker to buy a security and at the same time write an option with that security as the underlying asset.

contingent order

A special type of security order that instructs the broker to take some action only in the event that something else has occurred. An example would be an order to sell call options on Westinghouse common stock only after shares of Westinghouse have been purchased at a specified limit price.
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Built to integrate with order management systems and other proprietary or third-party systems, FlexFutures comes fully integrated with many rules-based trading strategies, including Pairs, Calendar Spreads and Iceberg, as well as synthetic and contingent order types that are designed to reduce market impact and slippage, minimize risk, and improve trading performance.
As well as external dark pools, BlockStrike will simultaneously place a contingent order with a block-sized minimum execution in SIGMA X, GSET's US non-displayed alternative trading system that matches buyers and sellers anonymously.
Modern science could begin only when the order of Greek heritage combined with the dependence of Hebrew heritage to make a contingent order capable of experimental exploration.
La Chartreuse de Parme, set in an Italy of city states whose multiplicity of shifting power systems provides a perfect model of contingent order superimposed on fundamental instability, is appropriately analysed in terms of Clausewitz's influential On War (1832), the protagonists divided into the apparently secure strategists (Mosca, the Prince) who believe in the all-embracing viability of the system that empowers them, the marginalized tacticians (Fabrice, Gina) who must take advantage of whatever chance throws in their way and who are thus supremely sensitive to the potentialities of an underlying chaos.
BlockStrike simultaneously places a contingent order with a block-sized minimum execution in SIGMA X[TM], GSET's non-displayed ATS that matches buyers and sellers anonymously.
We are optimistic the latest contingent order for a third procurement phase can be confirmed within the next ninety days and offers an important addition to the Company's continued growth as a supplier of networking and communication equipment directed at high availability and fault tolerant applications.
6 million of products scheduled to be delivered within the next twelve months, as well as a contingent order to purchase an additional $3.
6 million of Local Area Networking products to be delivered over the next twelve months, as well as a contingent order to purchase an additional $3.
Future enhancements will expand this functionality to include One Cancels Other, One Triggers Two, Contingent Orders and Trailing Stops.
Management expects to receive the first contingent orders for HydroGen's power islands this year, and looks for the Company to turn cash flow positive between 2007 and 2008.