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Next to, actually touching, at something greater than a point. The identification of contiguous parcels is important in the following circumstances:

• In adverse possession, a party in actual possession of property that has a defective deed is considered in constructive possession of the remainder of the parcel, but not of contiguous parcels, even if described in the same deed.
• Bankrupt debtors may claim homestead rights in contiguous parcels of land and are not limited to the single parcel on which their home sits, assuming other legal requirements are met.
• Under the Uniform Land Security Interest Act (model legislation not necessarily passed by all states) a mortgage lender's after acquired property clause is unenforceable except as to contiguous property.

Parcel C is contiguous to parcels A and D,but only adjacent to parcels B and E. But, in some jurisdictions, if the corners of the properties touch, this is sufficient to make the properties “contiguous.”

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However, it could be argued that this transfer of function to a third order was facilitated, not by the matching-to-sample training alone, but also by the subsequent test for equivalence during which the stimuli, which could be considered CS1s and CS3s (in a classical conditioning procedure), were presented contiguously on the screen (i.e., the sample stimulus was presented for 2 s followed by a clear screen for 0.5 s, and the subsequent presentation of the equivalent, and nonequivalent, comparison stimuli).
The equivalence relation defeats this notion, however, as stimuli that appear contiguously during training (i.e., A1 and B1) are able to function independently during testing when they are contiguous with stimuli with which they have never been paired (i.e., B1 and c1) (see Sidman, 1986).
Comparison of rates for the operation V = V + S for vectors accessed contiguously with rates using stride-23 shows the effect of nonunit strides.
Washington Plaza also could accommodate, contiguously, a requirement of up to 50,000 square feet on one floor.
Thus, it would seem that the meaning response elicited by a word could be conditioned to any contiguously presented stimulus.
An inverted list is ordinarily implemented using blocks of contiguously stored list items chained together.
"Don't call it a sign, call it a spectacular," said Arthur Gilmore, president of the Gilmore Group, which designed the towering displays, whose most striking component is a pair of diagonal strips of electronic signage that streak nearly contiguously up the east and west faces of the 340-foot tall tower.
No proof is offered that the public/private ruse used by the authors actually worked, and no attempt was made to ensure the reliability of the independent variable (i.e., that reinforcers were consumed contiguously and in proportion with target behavior).
RTU provides contiguously allocated disk files that allow user to bypass the disk buffer cache mechanism and perform direct writes to disk.
"This renewal and expansion was an excellent opportunity for FAO to remain in a desirable building and expand contiguously," Gronich said.