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Next to, actually touching, at something greater than a point. The identification of contiguous parcels is important in the following circumstances:

• In adverse possession, a party in actual possession of property that has a defective deed is considered in constructive possession of the remainder of the parcel, but not of contiguous parcels, even if described in the same deed.
• Bankrupt debtors may claim homestead rights in contiguous parcels of land and are not limited to the single parcel on which their home sits, assuming other legal requirements are met.
• Under the Uniform Land Security Interest Act (model legislation not necessarily passed by all states) a mortgage lender's after acquired property clause is unenforceable except as to contiguous property.

Parcel C is contiguous to parcels A and D,but only adjacent to parcels B and E. But, in some jurisdictions, if the corners of the properties touch, this is sufficient to make the properties “contiguous.”

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Mesoscutum contiguously and strongly punctured as on face except central disc strongly imbricate with shallow but distinct punctures separated by a puncture width or less (Fig.
He suggested the strong motivating influence both women had in his life when he deliberately placed eight poems from Capriccio and eight from Birthday Letters (ahead of publication), his collection about his marriage to Sylvia Plath, contiguously in the section of previously uncollected works in New Selected Poems (1995).
By procedures such as conditional discriminations or sensory preconditioning, any verbal form may acquire the function of another stimulus given repeated trials in which both are presented contiguously.
That is, it allowed for the experiencing of ceramic objects contiguously with discussion of them, and of the conditions under which they are produced.
With this announcement, Calderon joins Lula of Brazil and Uribe of Colombia in making a significant gesture to the left contiguously in time with the reception of Bush.
Gene products of PVL (lukS-PV and lukF-PV), which are encoded by contiguously located, cotranscribed genes (lukS-PV and lukF-PV), assemble as hetero-oligomers and synergistically exert cytolytic pore-forming activity (1).
From the Figure 2, we can see the third layer-video shots, which directly related to video structures and contents, are the basic units used for accessing video and a sequence of frames recorded contiguously and re-presenting a continuous action in time or space.
We expanded off-chip memory addressing to 24 bits in our DS80C400 MCU, so users can contiguously address two separate 16-Mbyte spaces, one for data and one for code.
5 million residents living in the twenty-nine counties contiguously situated along the U.