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Next to, actually touching, at something greater than a point. The identification of contiguous parcels is important in the following circumstances:

• In adverse possession, a party in actual possession of property that has a defective deed is considered in constructive possession of the remainder of the parcel, but not of contiguous parcels, even if described in the same deed.
• Bankrupt debtors may claim homestead rights in contiguous parcels of land and are not limited to the single parcel on which their home sits, assuming other legal requirements are met.
• Under the Uniform Land Security Interest Act (model legislation not necessarily passed by all states) a mortgage lender's after acquired property clause is unenforceable except as to contiguous property.

Parcel C is contiguous to parcels A and D,but only adjacent to parcels B and E. But, in some jurisdictions, if the corners of the properties touch, this is sufficient to make the properties “contiguous.”

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Also Napps (1989), using contiguously presented visual primes and targets, found facilitation for morphologically related words but not for semantically or orthographically related words.
The cost of transporting the concatenated signal is confined to the upgrade costs at each end of the path, rather than upgrading the entire network to handle contiguously concatenated signals.
This means that an entity's data items are no longer necessarily stored contiguously (either conceptually or physically) and so to retrieve all of them usually requires more than one visit to the disk, whereas a record comprising all of an entity's data items can usually be retrieved in a single visit, as a punched card could, be read in one operation.
Sula's licence area, which is located contiguously to Tonkolili.
In simple terms, if two category labels, or exemplars of categories of interest, are presented contiguously to a subject, it is likely that many subjects will become aware of the verbal relations or associations of interest to the researcher.
A complete optimisation tool which would write files contiguously in the first place would be ideal.
Contiguously, a new corporate site was introduced solidifying the branding of The Futures Company as the leading global foresight and futures consultancy.
Conceived as an open mall in 1957 and converted to an enclosed mall in 1972, the center's facade was replaced to contiguously match several new expansion areas.
This suggests a high EPP rate is common in this species when males settle contiguously in continuous habitat.
Gene products of PVL (lukS-PV and lukF-PV), which are encoded by contiguously located, cotranscribed genes (lukS-PV and lukF-PV), assemble as hetero-oligomers and synergistically exert cytolytic pore-forming activity (1).
As the soil acidity becomes more variable but not contiguously so, it may be more difficult to administer similar management practices to the whole area.
1,2) Infections of the deep fascial spaces of the neck are ominous because of the propensity of bacteria to spread hematogenously and contiguously along the fascial planes to involve the anterior mediastinum, pleuropulmonary spaces, retropharyngeal space, prevertebral spaces, "danger" space, and the heart valves.