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Next to, actually touching, at something greater than a point. The identification of contiguous parcels is important in the following circumstances:

• In adverse possession, a party in actual possession of property that has a defective deed is considered in constructive possession of the remainder of the parcel, but not of contiguous parcels, even if described in the same deed.
• Bankrupt debtors may claim homestead rights in contiguous parcels of land and are not limited to the single parcel on which their home sits, assuming other legal requirements are met.
• Under the Uniform Land Security Interest Act (model legislation not necessarily passed by all states) a mortgage lender's after acquired property clause is unenforceable except as to contiguous property.

Parcel C is contiguous to parcels A and D,but only adjacent to parcels B and E. But, in some jurisdictions, if the corners of the properties touch, this is sufficient to make the properties “contiguous.”

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For the province of Lanao del Norte, except Iligan City; the municipalities of Aleosan, Carmen, Kabacan, Midsayap, Pikit, and Pigkawayan in the province of North Cotabato; and all other areas contiguous to any of the Bangsamoro core areas where: the local government of such area, by way of a resolution, asked for inclusion in the plebiscite; or at least 10 percent of the registered voters in a local government unit, by way of a petition, asked for inclusion in the plebiscite, the plebiscite will be held on February 6.
Since transforming to the modular brigade combat team and the supporting modular sustainment force structures in 2005 while focusing on worldwide contingency operations, Army units have largely ignored the contiguous battlefield.
The coast guard said it spotted a ship with Taiwanese activists aboard sailing in the contiguous zone outside Japanese territorial waters near the Senkakus, while Chinese surveillance boats also entered the zone.
* Warmer-than-average temperatures occurred across the contiguous US except the Northwest in May.
The first three months of 2012 broke high-temperature records for the contiguous United States, with an average temperature of 42.0 degrees F (5.5 degrees C), which was 6 degrees F (3.3 degrees C) above the long-term average.
As proposed, about 45 km of pipeline would be built on new right-of-way with the balance located alongside, or contiguous to existing pipeline, railway and all-season public highway rights of way.
Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE:ALK), on Tuesday announced it has launched a sale for fares throughout Alaska, the contiguous United States and Canada.
Summary: AuDAX Resources Ltd has signed a farmin agreement with Bombora Energy Pty Ltd to participate in exploration of the two contiguous offshore exploration permits, T.R.15.PU and Kerkouane, offshore the island of Pantelleria southwest of Sicily in Italian waters and the Kerouane Permit located offshore northeast Tunisia.
Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the Palestinians deserve a "viable" independent state with contiguous territory and that the United States is committed to brokering a final peace deal between them and Israel.
Office buildings that were separated from a manufacturing facility by railroad tracks and a public road were nonetheless contiguous to the plant site and should be assessed as manufacturing-related property, according to the Supreme Court of South Carolina.