consumer orientation

consumer orientation

a business philosophy of a company which emphasizes the provision of GOODS and SERVICES that have been specially designed to satisfy the needs of its customers. A CONSUMER or customer orientation involves the identification of customer needs with a view to developing products which satisfy these needs (see NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT).

Once a firm has chosen to operate in a particular MARKET it needs to identify the needs of customers including, where appropriate, the needs of specific subgroups of customers (see MARKET SEGMENTATION).

A consumer orientation strategy thus requires a firm to understand the attitudes, wants and behaviour of a target group of consumers (see MARKETING RESEARCH. BUYER BEHAVIOUR). Having defined consumer wants, a firm can then develop products with characteristics which satisfy these wants and develop an appropriate MARKETING MIX to market them.


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Says needs to improve top-line growth, consumer orientation, omnichannel presence and execution in some areas.
This was accompanied by an unprecedented investment in consumer research and insight gathering to increase the company's focus on consumer preferences This stronger consumer orientation is showing results, as Nielsen now reports that in the last three months Helen of Troy is showing share growth of 2.
This same high consumer orientation is true in Hispanic countries of origin.
Given this consumer orientation, the recent return to butter, along with growing interest in full-fat and grass-fed milk and yogurt, ancestral fats, and specialty oils derived from fruits, seeds, and nuts of plants with healthy connotations, such as coconuts, avocados, pumpkins, pistachios, walnuts, olives, and hazelnuts should come as no surprise, officials say.
Continuing with its consumer orientation Milagrow has also upgraded the battery to one which can be replaced by the consumer.
Comparing the strength of the existing relationship between two types of marketing orientation (consumers and competitor orientation) it can be seen that in the group of small and medium-sized enterprises consumer orientation.
Consistency and reliability of the brands and consumer orientation are the reasons why consumers continue to be loyal.
About these consumer trends and their connections to traditions and customs specific to each country (Jose, Garcia, Perez, 1995), there are periodic surveys and they all show that consumer orientation is achieved differently.
Pyramid said it expected higher demand across the banking, retail and public sectors as a result of their consumer orientation and the role customisation plays in differentiating their services.
The author states that these activities all have in common their consumer orientation, compartmentalization, and solitude, reflecting new forms of organization and socialization in Japan that stand in sharp contrast to the still-existing but decreasing or marginal forms of folk and alternative cultures.
For institutions, it recommends improvements to existing enterprise risk management techniques, new product impact assessments, better design of incentives, and enhanced consumer orientation.
Particularly germane to this paper is his declaration of a marketing revolution inspired by a consumer orientation occurring only since the 1950s when the marketing era began.

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