consumer goods

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Consumer goods

Goods not used in production but bought for personal or household use such as food, clothing, and entertainment.

Consumer Goods

Goods intended to be used by themselves, rather than as part of the production of another good. The most common consumer goods are food and clothing. Most of the time, consumer goods are sold by retailers, as opposed to wholesalers.

consumer goods

products such as television sets, bread and clothing, which are purchased by CONSUMERS for their own personal consumption. See GOOD, CONSUMER DURABLES, CONSUMER NONDURABLES.

consumer goods

any products, such as washing machines, beer, toys, that are purchased by consumers as opposed to businesses. Compare CAPITAL GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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We believe that the combination of our two organizations will create a compelling offer for consumer goods companies in emerging markets.
Because you'll see a downturn in the demand for consumer goods as well as an increasingly leveraged operating balance sheet for the average company.
When analyzed by market group, the data show that the overall output of consumer goods was little changed in September, as substantial declines in the production of automotive products and other consumer durables were offset by advances in the production of nondurable consumer goods.
1 percent, with gains in the output of parts destined for use in consumer goods or in business and defense equipment.
When analyzed by market group, the data show that the production of consumer goods rebounded 1.
A decline in motor vehicle assemblies was the largest factor in the overall weakening in the production of consumer goods.

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