consumer credit

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Consumer credit

Credit a firm grants to consumers for the purchase of goods or services. Also called retail credit.
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Consumer Credit

Any loan or line of credit that a borrower uses to purchase goods and services at the retail level. Typically, consumer credit finances any asset that depreciates quickly and is not used for investment purposes. Credit cards are a common example of consumer credit because one pays for ordinary expenses such as groceries or gasoline with a credit card; one ordinarily would not purchase stock with a credit card. Loans for education and cars are also examples of consumer credit. However, consumer credit expressly excludes loans for real estate.
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consumer credit

LOANS made available to buyers of products to assist them in financing purchases. Consumer credit facilities include HIRE PURCHASE, INSTALMENT CREDIT, BANK LOANS and CREDIT CARDS.
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CBC CEO Oeur Sothearoath said this quarter was not entirely different from previous years, in which consumer credit applications consistently dropped in the second quarter.
This report studies the global Consumer Credit market size, industry status and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity.
With the completion of the transaction, PayPal and Synchrony have extended their existing co-brand consumer credit card program agreement, and Synchrony is now the exclusive issuer of the PayPal Credit online consumer financing program in the US, through 2028.
Target: USD 7.6bn in receivables, including PayPal's US consumer credit receivables portfolio
Recent strong consumer credit growth prompted concerns that some households could be at risk of overstretching themselves as interest rates continue to rise.
Yesterday, they launched a crackdown on bonuses in consumer credit firms by warning companies that they must ensure staff payments don't affect the way they deal with consumers.
The global consumer credit market is characterized by financial institutions like- banks and alternative lenders.
Ultimately, these measures will improve the profile of the UAE's consumer credit market and the country's global competitiveness.
Also within the PS1.2bn increase seen in consumer credit in March, credit card borrowing increased by PS161m.
Consumer credit gained popularity in Pakistan in 2000s when a wave of "easy debt" was unleashed in the wake of excessive bank liquidity.
Consumer credit increased by PS1.3bn in November, which is higher than the average monthly increase of PS1bn seen over the previous six months and the largest upswing seen since a PS1.4bn increase in February 2008.

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