constant dollars

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Constant Dollar

A measure of a dollar's value with respect to some year. One may use a constant dollar analysis to account for inflation. For example, suppose one wishes to measure changes in the U.S. national debt. It would be most useful to use a constant dollar format, for example, by measuring the national debt for all years in the dollar's value in the year 2000. This eliminates inflation as a consideration when analyzing the national debt.

constant dollars

Dollars reported in unchanged value compared with the value reported on a previous date. For example, a company may have raised its dividends on each share of common stock from $2.00 in 1986 to $5.00 in 1996. However, after investors have adjusted for consumer price increases during the 10-year period, the 1996 dividend amounts to only $3.60 in constant dollars. In this case, the 1996 dollars are constant in terms of their 1986 purchasing power.
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Gross National Product by Industry in Constant Dollars
Asia Pacific revenue was down 10%, or 5% in constant dollars as growth in the Philippines was not enough to offset declines in other markets.
In terms of constant dollars, Inuit people in Toronto had a real decrease in earnings of over 30 per cent.
36% in 1973-1974, but in constant dollars declined from 5.
7% increase in total nursing costs between 1989 and 1992 and a 1% increase in constant dollars.
It is important to note that similar revisions to the growth rates of the 1990's would occur if BLS were to switch to 1992 constant dollars from 1987 constant dollars.
Between 1992-96, the industry's compound annual growth rate will exceed 3% in constant dollars with most of this growth expected after 1994.
Newsprint, which now sells at about $425 per metric ton, will likely reach $500 in constant dollars by next fall, says Ross Hay-Roe, forest products specialist for Vancouver, B.
The Census Bureau indexes--called benchmarks--capture the change in physical output of each represented industry by an indirect method--converting information on the value of shipments and inventory change into constant dollars.
Citigroup's loans were $619 billion as of quarter end, approximately unchanged from the prior year period, and up 1% in constant dollars.

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