consolidated tape

Consolidated tape

Used for listed equity securities. Combined ticker tapes of the NYSE and the curb. Network A covers the NYSE-listed securities and is used to identify the originating market. Network B does the same for AMEX-listed securities and also reports on securities listed on regional stock exchanges. See: tape.

Consolidated Tape

A ticker tape that reports all trades on a security, regardless of where the trades take place. For example, a consolidated tape quote for IBM would show its prices on all exchanges on which IBM is traded, and not simply one or two. See also: Network A, Network B.

consolidated tape

An integrated reporting system of price and volume data for trades in listed securities in all markets in which the securities trade. Thus, the consolidated tape would report trades in General Motors stock not only from its principal market on the New York Stock Exchange but also from all the other markets in which it trades. See also Network A, Network B.
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The BATS 1000 Index data is available via the Consolidated Tape System (CTS), the operating authority for exchange-listed securities information, enabling distribution of the data to the public via the Internet and other electronic media.
Largest European Equities Exchange Sets Stage For Consolidated Tape Debate With New Pan-European Market Data Pricing Model
The Consolidated Tape Association reports after-hour prices for the NYSE and AMEX stock exchanges.
100, NYSE-listed trades would be identified on the Consolidated Tape with the NYSE exchange designation 'N', and quotes would be identified as NYSE quotes on the Consolidated Quote stream.
Launches a consolidated tape and analytical tool for Europe's Equity Markets
Coca-Cola added 50 cents in later trading on the Pacific Stock Exchange on Monday to close at $68 on the consolidated tape, which is the price that newspapers print.
The SEC alleged that, at certain times during that period, NYSE delivered market data through two proprietary data feeds slightly faster than it delivered market data to the consolidated tape.
ArcaEx will disseminate quote and trading information via the consolidated tape, and ArcaEx's regulator -- the Pacific Exchange -- will provide regulatory oversight during the early open period.
Source: NYSE Euronext, Options Clearing Corporation and Consolidated Tape as reported for equity securities.
Rhode's research and commentary at TABB have covered corporate bonds; credit and rates; equity options; centrally-cleared CFDs; holistic latency monitoring; alternative emerging market; derivatives; exchange-traded derivatives; MiFID II; post-MIFID market surveillance; hedge funds; organized trading facilities; financial transaction tax; OTC regulatory reform in Europe; MiFIR; fixed income dealers and Greece; consolidated tape in Europe; Russian e-trading; and Asia.
The value of the Index will be disseminated by NYSE every 15 seconds over the Consolidated Tape Association's Network B between the hours of 9:30 am and 4:15 pm EST/EDT under the ticker symbol "HEDGE.
BC will be appended on the Consolidated Tape Association's Consolidated Tape System and Consolidated Quote System until the Company regains compliance with the Exchange's requirements.

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