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An entity given legal responsibility for overseeing, protecting, or preserving the interests and affairs of another entity deemed incapable often doing so. See: Bailout, Conservatorship
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A guardian, receiver, or other protector appointed by a court to manage the assets of someone suffering from a permanent or temporary disability that prevents the person from managing his or her own affairs.A person need not be adjudged mentally incompetent to have a conservator appointed, and the appointment does not disqualify the person from entering into contracts, making or changing wills,or any other such legal rights.

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1) Is there a suitable (there's no case law but likely qualified and able to satisfy the duties of a conservator) and willing person with priority for appointment as conservator?
If conservators have nothing to hide, as the new interest in public conservation implies, then they should let the public see what they do--not by peering fleetingly over their shoulders, but by being allowed to scrutinise their actions and decisions with care, for many years to come.
'No ARA or similar contract shall bind the conservator, receiver, or liquidator; the company under conservatorship, receivership or liquidation and its policyholders; and/or the reinsurers, unless said ARA or similar contract is duly approved by the insurance commissioner,' according to the circular.
"In the public realm, conservators will have an hourly rate, and a conservation treatment will either be charged according to that rate or a total project cost," says Nicholas Dorman, chief conservator at the Seattle Art Museum.
Another museum conservator, who was present at the time of the repair, said that epoxy had dried on the face of the boy king's mask and a colleague used a spatula to remove it, leaving scratches.
"Unfortunately he used a very irreversible material--epoxy has a very high property for attaching and is used on metal or stone but I think it wasn't suitable for an outstanding object like Tutankhamun's golden mask," said one conservator.
Hristina Ivanova Stamova, conservator at KTB AD, was appointed conservator at Credit Agricole Bulgaria EAD, together with Bozhidar Ivanov Arshinkov, who replaced Slaviana Stoilova Danailova-Veleva.
The Conservators have launched their own internal inquiry into the affair but supporters of Mr Redmond, who opened the cafe in 1990, fear it will be a whitewash.
Conservators, technicians, and experts have worked publicly on both small- and large-scale ROM artifacts.
In "Materials Matter: Challenges in the Fabrication and Conservation of Public Art," Marie Laibinis-Craft, an objects conservator in Portland, will review some of the challenges conservators face in preserving outdoor public art.
The historical documents at Skinningrove's Ironstone Mining Museumnow live in a "Tardis" style storage facility - the idea of conservators at Durham University, museum staff and volunteers.