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An entity given legal responsibility for overseeing, protecting, or preserving the interests and affairs of another entity deemed incapable often doing so. See: Bailout, Conservatorship


A guardian, receiver, or other protector appointed by a court to manage the assets of someone suffering from a permanent or temporary disability that prevents the person from managing his or her own affairs.A person need not be adjudged mentally incompetent to have a conservator appointed, and the appointment does not disqualify the person from entering into contracts, making or changing wills,or any other such legal rights.

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The Lunder Conservation Center, part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, for example, allows visitors to view conservators at work in fully functioning labs through soundproof, floor-to-ceiling glass walls.
Then, it's difficult--sometimes impossible for conservators to successfully clean or repair it.
The meeting reviewed in detailed the question of MPA Syed Jaffar Shah and report prepared by Chief Conservator, Department of Forest and Chief Conservator, Hazara regarding inquiry into the following of the rules and regulations in the transfer and posting of District Forest Officers (DFOs), SubDivisional Forest Officers (SDFOs) in the province.
Some lenders sent them in advance or will allow them to stay in Washington afterward so conservator Anne Hoenigswald and her team can examine them for additional sketches or paintings underneath.
The Department of Corporations on March 11, 1999 was compelled to take extraordinary action against MPN by appointing a conservator to manage plan operations for the benefit of MPN enrollees and providers in California.
After seeing successful execution of the project, the Forest Conservator said, NHA has offered them work on other highways facing possible threat of landslide.
In late May, art conservators partially unfurled the flag onto a specially constructed 32-by-66-foot table, where, wearing surgical scrubs, they will delicately clean and mend it.
Grey-faced James successfully pleaded with a court to be named conservator a day after the pop superstar was taken to UCLA Medical Centre's psychiatric hospital.
EXCELLENCE: Diana Debellaigue, museum conservator at the Oriental Museum in Durham, prepares the Egyptian mummy for his next journey.
Liz Branigan, Durham University Library's senior conservator, visited the museum in 2005 to advise on the storage of over 200 maps of the underground workings of the Loftus ironstone mine, and found fluctuating temperatures and penetrating damp were threatening the survival of the collection.
Statue conservator Helen Thompson said: "We've previously been working on Manchester's war memorials over the past couple of years, but it's great to be working here in the library' it's a really lovely place.
The collaborative work of noted art scholars Stephanie D'Alessandro (Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Artist Institute of Chicago), Reinhold Heller (Professor of Art History, University of Chicago); James de Young (Senior Conservator, Milwaukee Art Museum); and art historians Kristin Makholm, Sarah B.

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