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Focusing largely on promoting alternative sustainable construction techniques, Sullivan Landing is a conservation subdivision designed for permanent residential living in an Alpine Community.
On the Holliston Planning Board, she led a successful effort to pass a conservation subdivision bylaw that requires new subdivisions to permanently preserve 50 percent of the land as open space.
David Tuch: "In rural areas, conservation subdivision design is the very best tool for providing limited homesite development with honest-to-goodness land and water conservation--from protection of our regions forest, s to our streams, wetlands and farmland.
It outlines sustainable development strategies such as traditional neighborhood design, open space preservation, conservation subdivision design, mixed use development, and natural stormwater management.
The company also recently completed work on La Arcata, a 36-acre, 400,000 square-foot retail center on Loop 1604 West in San Antonio's Stone Oak area and recently announced its plans to develop Water Oak, a 1,900-acre mixed-use community in Georgetown that will be the first conservation subdivision in central Texas.
West Wind Farms is also a designated conservation subdivision, where great care is taken to preserve the natural ponds and wild areas on the property.
Some of the more recently addressed action steps to address this priority are highlighted below, including the development of a smart growth plan that includes the adoption of conservation subdivision ordinances.

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