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above, the financial conglomerate can act as an agent in its investment
In his response to Khan on April 30, also seen by Profit, DCL Director Haroon Iqbal wrote that Mega Conglomerate had indicated that the enterprise value would be around Rs24 billion, with a possible revision of Rs1 billion either upwards or downwards because of the due diligence exercise.
As Executive Director of AGI, he was in-charge of the company's external affairs, representing the conglomerate in various private and public functions.
LG Corp, a holding company of the electronics-to-chemicals conglomerate, said on Thursday its longtime chairman was unwell and planned to nominate his son to its board of directors in preparation for a leadership succession.
The Partnership will utilize the capabilities of Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC to connect the 2 online television stations and streamline both stations online identities and services throughout the southeast and southwestern United States.
Cyan Ltd said in a separate statement that it had executed the trade for divestment of 10m shares in Hubco to Mega Conglomerate at the same price.
The conglomerate has purchased a total of 15.77%, or 182.58 million, shares in Hubco from Dawood Hercules and Cyan Limited at Rs106.50 per share, totalling Rs19.44 billion (or $174 million), according to notices sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Friday.
This month, Ambani's Reliance Industries conglomerate will launch Reliance Jio, a telecoms data business.
It is tempting to differentiate between the process (conglomeration) and for the result (conglomerate).
For instance, researchers have found cork conglomerate to have superior acoustic dampening performance as compared to foam when used as the core material in a composite sandwich structure.
President Moon Jae-in is planning to meet with the heads of South Korea's major conglomerates next week, Cheong Wa Dae said Friday, to discuss ways to revitalize the economy.