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The written statement that follows any "trade" in the securities markets. Confirmation is issued immediately after a trade is executed. It spells out settlement date, terms, commission, etc.


1. A written statement a broker issues after a trade spelling out what exactly transpired, including the price, commissions, applicable fees, and the terms of trade. Confirmations are sometimes sent out immediately, but often within a week of the transaction.

2. A market indication corroborating a previous indication. This shows that a predicted market trend will in fact take place, reducing uncertainty in the market.


1. A written acknowledgment of a security trade that lists important details of the trade such as date, size of the transaction, price, commission, taxes, and amount of money involved. A confirmation is generally mailed the day after a trade takes place. See also cancellation.
2. The reaction of one technical indicator (such as the movement of a stock price average) that strengthens a signal given by another indicator.


When you buy or sell a stock or bond, your brokerage firm will send you a confirmation, or printed document, with the details of the transaction.

Confirmations include the price, any fees, and the trade and settlement dates. Stock confirmations also include the commission if it applies. These documents are your backup for calculating capital gains and losses.

You'll also receive a confirmation to reaffirm orders you place, such as a good 'til canceled order to buy or sell a certain stock at a stop or limit price.

In addition, activity in your trading account, such as stock splits, spinoffs, or mergers will trigger a confirmation notice.

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