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The practice of executing trades and other transactions by means other than the open market. For example, if one needs roofing repairs on one's house, one may select one's brother's roofing business even if it is more expensive. In securities, preference often occurs in over-the-counter trades, especially within a brokerage. Preference can, but does not always, lead to economic inefficiency.


the CHOICES made by consumers as to which products to consume. The strength of consumer preferences will determine which products they buy with their limited disposable income and thus the DEMAND for products. As well as choosing which products to buy, consumers will also express preferences as to which particular BRAND of a product to purchase. See CONSUMER EQUILIBRIUM, PRICE SYSTEM.
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Data preservation and interoperability means that all of the configuration items and documentation are stored, correct, and available when needed.
In these cases, only the component model was considered and analyzed, which is not enough for die configuration purposes.
The AT17F16 is the newest addition to Atmel's AT17F family of FPGA configuration memories which are available in densities of 65Kb, 128Kb, 256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, and 16Mb.
The configuration database is a set of data files on the server that contain specific configuration information for each PC to be configured.
In this way it gradually converges toward the configuration of the desired potential energy.
The security and compliance configuration items gathered by Cambia CM add status information that customers increasingly require to meet internal and external IT auditor mandates," said Catherine Pleil, program director of Autonomic Computing for IBM.
The 350Z Roadster Touring trim adds a 7-speaker Bose([R]) audio system and heated leather seats and starts at $37,900 for the 6-speed manual configuration and $38,900 for the 5-speed automatic configuration.
ConfigSENTRY ensures that only authorized users are allowed to configure each device in the network, and maintains and logs all such configurations by user and device.
Following the popularity of Configuresoft's bimonthly customer Webinar series "Tuesdays@10 User Forum," the IT Infrastructure Insider podcast program is an evolutionary step toward educating the market about configuration challenges posed by current and emerging IT technologies.
TDB Networks, specialists in OSS integration, are leaders in the provision, configuration and support of fault, performance management, IP management and configuration management solutions, engaging optimal tools to:
As the amount of data captured per patient has increased, and with many of the PACS systems now making 3D an integral part of the workflow, a standard configuration of dual 3MP grayscale quickly starts to run out of display 'real estate' and can lead to inefficiencies," continued Herguth.
Single, common 'language' for controlling the configuration of any network device, regardless of manufacturer

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