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The practice of executing trades and other transactions by means other than the open market. For example, if one needs roofing repairs on one's house, one may select one's brother's roofing business even if it is more expensive. In securities, preference often occurs in over-the-counter trades, especially within a brokerage. Preference can, but does not always, lead to economic inefficiency.
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the CHOICES made by consumers as to which products to consume. The strength of consumer preferences will determine which products they buy with their limited disposable income and thus the DEMAND for products. As well as choosing which products to buy, consumers will also express preferences as to which particular BRAND of a product to purchase. See CONSUMER EQUILIBRIUM, PRICE SYSTEM.
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Figure 10(b) shows the sensory repulsion by detecting collision states in the configuration space.
If the robot has three or more DOFs, the free configuration space becomes a complex high-dimensional space, which is difficult to visualize and identify.
The conventional method for identifying configuration drifts involves manually reviewing each production configuration and comparing it to the recovery or secondary configuration.
The only way to effectively identify configuration drifts in a scalable manner is through automated detection.
Definition 2.14 Configuration 5.2: A 5 point set of type(4,1) where the 3 points in the first convex layer with the 1 point in the interior form a parallelogram.
Definition 2.15 Configuration 6.1: A 6 point set of type(4, 2) where 4 points in the first convex layer form a parallelogram and the 2 points inside the parallelogram are symmetrically placed in opposite triangles formed by diagonals of parallelogram.
Section 3 describes our setup and classification of available configuration options across Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
We put forth information about the pros and cons of the currently available tools for remote web browser configuration, which are: Microsoft Group Policy, FreeIPA, and Quest KACE (previously known as Dell KACE).
Added configuration block functionality greatly improves the efficiency of creating assembly configurations for large-scale products (VPS Digital Mockup and VPS Manufacturing)
When editing this sort of configuration in VPS from a CAD configuration, in previous VPS versions, users had to select the component for which they wished to change the configuration from the production flow, which listed all the components in order, or from the 3D view, which displayed the product as a whole, then execute the command to move it to another unit.

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