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Informal for a debt security issued by the United States government, as opposed to one of its agencies. Perhaps the most prominent example of a direct security is a U.S. Treasury security. Direct securities are considered risk-free because they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

direct (federal) government obligation

A debt that is backed by the full taxing power of the U.S. government. Direct obligations include Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and U.S. savings bonds. These investments are generally considered to be of the very highest quality. See also federal agency security.
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Since then, Congress has expanded the GAO's statutory authorities and frequently calls upon it to thoroughly examine federal programs and their performance, conduct financial and management audits, perform policy analysis, provide legal opinions, adjudicate bid protests and conduct investigations.
Traditionally, once the conduct was determined to be based on gender, it then would be categorized as either quid pro quo sexual harassment or hostile work environment.
The chemical industry conducts extensive research and testing on its products to implement product stewardship commitments and to ensure compliance with those governmental requirements.
The team created a folder that included the official code of conduct, along with a highlights sheet and a wallet card.
Although medical staff bylaws (and credentialing policies) contain an investigation process that can be used to address disruptive conduct, it is preferable to start with, and exhaust, less formal mechanisms first.
Therefore, 40 West 67h Street Corporation was acting within the scope of its authority in that the proprietary lease specifically provided for a tenant-shareholder's termination due to objectionable conduct.
Working on a hunch they had developed from experiments on inorganic materials that conduct electricity, the three future Nobel laureates added small amounts of bromine or iodine gas to remove some electrons from the plastic.
30(a)(2) would also prohibit practitioners from directly or indirectly making uninvited written or oral solicitations of employment if these solicitations would violate applicable conduct rules or Federal or state law.
This summer, the New York City-based firm plans to unveil guidelines on how employees should conduct business in their respective offices in the United States and abroad.
Under the FCRA, companies that use outside investigators to conduct background checks are required to provide employees with certain information about the FCRA and have employees sign authorizations for background checks.
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act authorizes state member banks that comply with the requirements of the rule to control, or hold an interest in, a financial subsidiary which may conduct certain financial activities that are not permissible for the parent bank to conduct directly.