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A future and uncertain event that determines whether or not there will be a contractual obligation or liability. Conditions may be express or implied, possible or impossible, lawful or unlawful, affirmative or negative, precedent or subsequent, positive or negative, and, finally, single, copulative,or disjunctive.Each type of condition has different legal consequences.

Examples of the most common types encountered in real estate are

• Express. If the purchaser cannot obtain financing, the purchaser may cancel the contract.

• Implied. If the seller burns down the house the day before closing, the purchaser may cancel the contract.

• Lawful. If the broker produces a buyer willing and able to pay the asking price, the seller will pay a commission of 6 percent of that price.

• Unlawful. If the broker produces a buyer willing and able to pay at least $125,000, the broker will be paid all the purchase price in excess of $125,000.

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Purpose: The goal of the book, as stated in the preface, is to serve as a refresher on the basics of general medical conditions, providing the quick and useful information necessary to understand each condition, especially those that may not be seen every day.
a target section for permanent attachment to a landing area on another portion of the article, when the fastener is in the closed condition and conditions thereafter, a fastening section connected to the target section when the fastener is in conditions prior to the opened condition; disconnected from the target section when fastener is converted from the closed condition to the opened condition, and attachable to and from the target section when the fastener is converted between the re-closed condition and the re-opened condition;
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The Service, on the other hand, argued that the taxpayer's obligation was subject to a condition precedent and, thus, was not a loan.
The process of verifying such financial hardship begins with the preparation of a cost workout that should reveal how the parcel's hardship conditions affect the investor's ability to earn a return from development.
The regulations also provide guidance on conditions which ordinarily will not satisfy the FMLA definition of a serious health condition.
In addition to choosing the independent control for the mean and dynamic amplitude in the "new condition file" definition and "edit condition" window, users can now choose stress or strain control, in addition to the normal feedback selections.
individuals with HIV/AIDS, diabetes and other conditions are among those who can cite this decision if denied disability benefits based on past treatment for a "symptom" of the disease before receiving a specific diagnosis.
Because mosquitoes and the pathogens they transmit are sensitive to environmental conditions, 1 approach has been to use our ability to monitor and predict environmental variability and our understanding of mosquito and mosquitoborne pathogen response to that variability to monitor and predict mosquitoborne disease transmission.
In addition, subject to certain conditions, the FSA may share information on Bank's operations with other supervisors, including the Board.
Once the student correctly read the unknown word, it was rehearsed using one of the four conditions consisting of different ratios of new words and review words.

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