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A future and uncertain event that determines whether or not there will be a contractual obligation or liability. Conditions may be express or implied, possible or impossible, lawful or unlawful, affirmative or negative, precedent or subsequent, positive or negative, and, finally, single, copulative,or disjunctive.Each type of condition has different legal consequences.

Examples of the most common types encountered in real estate are

• Express. If the purchaser cannot obtain financing, the purchaser may cancel the contract.

• Implied. If the seller burns down the house the day before closing, the purchaser may cancel the contract.

• Lawful. If the broker produces a buyer willing and able to pay the asking price, the seller will pay a commission of 6 percent of that price.

• Unlawful. If the broker produces a buyer willing and able to pay at least $125,000, the broker will be paid all the purchase price in excess of $125,000.

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