conditional use permit

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conditional use permit (CUP)

(pronounced “cup”) A permit granted to a property owner to make use of real property in a manner allowed under current zoning regulations, but only in accordance with conditions to be applied by the zoning authority. Houses of worship may be allowed in areas zoned for residential use,but the applicant may be required to obtain a conditional use permit that can be predicated on size, off-street parking availability, indirect nighttime lighting, and other such factors determined on a case-by-case basis. Contrast with variance, in which the property owner is given permission to use the property in a manner inconsistent with current zoning regulations.

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Conditional use permits allow neighbors to weigh in on some terms, such as parking, visiting hours and fencing.
Initially, the city planning office found that the UO did not need a conditional use permit to build the 12,500-seat arena.
Planning, conditional use permit and other land use documents relating to the basketball arena can be viewed at
The conditional use permit, which is being appealed in circuit court, was granted to the Deweeses, and the state has issued a non-coal mining permit to Drakes Creek Holding Co., which later applied for an amended state permit to allow for the use of a haul road that crosses private property before coming out at Ky.
Parking has been one of the more contentious issues in the arena debate and was in part responsible for the appeal that led to the city's requiring the UO to file for a conditional use permit. The city initially found that no permit was needed, but the Fairmount Neighbors Association challenged that, worried that the UO would not fully address issues such as parking.
"[The plaintiff] has failed to establish that the CUP (conditional use permit) has any significant effect on his land, much less that it regulates its use in a manner that 'goes too far' and, therefore, amounts to a regulatory taking," the panel wrote.
The conditional use permit process should enable the council to consider a broader (but still not boundless) range of issues surrounding the arena.
The conditional use permit process already has UO's timetable stretched to its limit.
The Big Stone County board will make a final decision on a conditional use permit by May 21.
Navigating its $200 million basketball arena through Eugene's conditional use permit process isn't the only landuse challenge facing the University of Oregon.
That's a new direction forced on the university after a city of Eugene hearings officer ruled that the UO must obtain a city conditional use permit in order to build the 12,500-seat pavilion, the costliest college basketball arena ever.
The University of Oregon is contesting the city of Eugene decision that requires the UO to get a conditional use permit to build its new basketball arena.
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