conditional use permit

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conditional use permit (CUP)

(pronounced “cup”) A permit granted to a property owner to make use of real property in a manner allowed under current zoning regulations, but only in accordance with conditions to be applied by the zoning authority. Houses of worship may be allowed in areas zoned for residential use,but the applicant may be required to obtain a conditional use permit that can be predicated on size, off-street parking availability, indirect nighttime lighting, and other such factors determined on a case-by-case basis. Contrast with variance, in which the property owner is given permission to use the property in a manner inconsistent with current zoning regulations.

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Instead, legislative approval of the state bonds to finance the arena came before the question of a conditional use permit was resolved, and that question may still be up in the air when the state Board of Higher Education considers whether to approve the issuance of the bulk of construction bonds.
Hearings official Anne Corcoran Briggs overturned a decision by the city planning director that found the arena was an extension of the university and did not need a conditional use permit.
The neighborhood association contends that the project should not be allowed unless it goes through an extra layer of approval aimed at addressing its effects on the surrounding area - the conditional use permit process.
The application had been on hold pending a decision on the conditional use permit modification, but potentially could be pushed forward despite Gustafson's recent ruling.
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