Conditional sales contracts

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Conditional sales contracts

Similar to equipment trust certificates, except that the lender is either the equipment manufacturer or a bank or finance company to which the manufacturer has sold the conditional sales contract.
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Conditional Sales Contracts

A sale of an asset in which the buyer assumes possession and may have use of the asset, but the seller retains title until the buyer pays its full price and may repossess the asset if the buyer does not. In exchange for the right to use the asset, the buyer makes payments over an agreed-upon period of time, whether months or years. This arrangement is most common with heavy equipment, machinery, and real estate. See also: Beneficial ownership, Lease.
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"Before it was abolished by the Supreme Court in the Lexmark decision, the conditional sale doctrine allowed Lexmark to protect its business model through patent infringement claims against companies that refill and resell its printer cartridges in violation of its agreements with consumers," he explained.
Rio, in 2 specification, comes with a PS1,400 saving - meaning that a Rio 2 starts from PS10,495 - as well as a year's insurance for PS99 and 4.9% Kia Access PCP or conditional sale finance offers are available.
Mixing the use of true leases and conditional sales leases can help a business avoid exceeding the $800,000 cap because leased equipment does not qualify for Section 179.
Conditional sales (sales where possession of property is transferred but ownership passes only after certain conditions are fulfilled, for example on full payment of the purchase price by the recipient), and instalment sales, (sales where the ownership of the property transfers immediately, but the property is paid for in instalments), are both "sales" for the purposes of the override rule.
A true lease is distinguishable from a conditional sale. In a true lease, the benefits and burdens of ownership reside with the lessor; in a conditional sale, they transfer to the "lessee" An alleged lease will be a conditional sale if, among other things: (5)
A wholesaler of goods may, at times, wish to accomplish a conditional sale of its goods to a retailer.
THE end of an era was confirmed yesterday when the British Bloodstock Agency announced the conditional sale of its UK and Irish businesses, writes Tony Smurthwaite.
23 April 2019 - Isle of Man-based communications solutions provider Manx Telecom plc (AIM: MANX) has entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Synapse Consulting Ltd.
A 'conditional sale' pact has been signed between Tanglawan LNG Philippines Inc.
The agency pointed out that qualified applicants for the penalty condonation program are active or inactive members, as well as nonmembers, with deeds of conditional sale or real-estate loan accounts that are in arrears or in default.
Non-members can also avail if they have deeds of conditional sale or real estate loan accounts that were in arrears or in default, the GSIS chief said.
The Mazda MX-5 is also available with 0% APR with a 50% deposit over three years, or zero deposit and 5.9% APR over five years on Mazda Conditional Sale.

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