Conditional sales contracts

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Conditional sales contracts

Similar to equipment trust certificates, except that the lender is either the equipment manufacturer or a bank or finance company to which the manufacturer has sold the conditional sales contract.

Conditional Sales Contracts

A sale of an asset in which the buyer assumes possession and may have use of the asset, but the seller retains title until the buyer pays its full price and may repossess the asset if the buyer does not. In exchange for the right to use the asset, the buyer makes payments over an agreed-upon period of time, whether months or years. This arrangement is most common with heavy equipment, machinery, and real estate. See also: Beneficial ownership, Lease.
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B]ecause the lessee controls the appreciation of the property and is liable for depreciation, the IRS sees a synthetic lease as a conditional sale, with the lessee entitled to the tax benefits of ownership.
The all-new Mazda CX-3 is also available with a selection of great deals plus, from August, customers will also be able to drive away the all-new MX-5 with 0% APR on Mazda conditional sale with 50% deposit.
9% Kia Access PCP or conditional sale finance offers are available.
As well as offering 0% APR* finance on Conditional Sale (with 30% or 50% deposit*) over 48 months, Mazda is also offering low-cost, 6.
The merger would be made through share swap the two operators of CDMA-based telecommunication service have signed a conditional sale and purchase agreement.
Acer Energy Limited (ASX:ACN) has executed a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement with Sundance Energy Australia Limited (ASX:SEA) to acquire all of Sundance's 23.
Luxfer Group retained the land and buildings on the Redditch site, and the firm set up a conditional sale agreement with ALUnna.
Gresham yesterday announced the conditional sale of the site in Speke Boulevard to a third party in a move that could almost double the value of the company's assets.
Meanwhile, industrial chain maker Renold has been given the green light for mixed use development of its Burton on Trent factory site, and expects the conditional sale of the site to Morris Homes to complete this year.
HEARTS chairman George Foulkes admits the club are close to finalising the conditional sale of Tynecastle to a housing developer.
HEARTS directors were last night locked in talks aimed at approving the conditional sale of the club's Tynecastle ground.
Eco World has announced that its 100% owned subsidiary Paragon Pinnacle Sdn Bhd has inked five separate conditional sale and purchase agreements (SPAs) with four vendors for the proposed acquisition.

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