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Appraisal evidence presented by the condemnor was also rejected as improper for failing to consider the contributory value of the improvements contained in the remainder.
As noted, some states permit the condemnor to take possession of the property upon depositing funds in the amount of the taking while litigation continues.
(71) Furthermore, the court required the landowners to prove that their injuries were caused by the condemnor's actions.
For instance, you can require the condemning authority (condemnor) to meet with an independent mediator who can force the condemnor to pay for a second appraisal if there are concerns with the first.
condemnor's statutory jurisdiction or authority, (3) the
condemnor is entered and just compensation has been paid to the
The Eminent Domain Procedure Law allows property owners to seek reimbursement for attorneys' fees, costs and expenses when the court's condemnation award is substantially in excess of the condemnor's initial valuation.
condemnor does not need to present plans, goals, feasibility studies, or
2002) (observing that standard quick-take procedures require a condemnor to file a "declaration of taking" and a deposit of the appraised fair market value); Nicole Stelle Garnett, The Public-Use Question as a Takings Problem, 71 GEO.
(4) This act created new protections for landowners, including a requirement that the would-be condemnor must attempt to purchase the land from the would-be condemnee engaging in "good faith negotiation" before filing a condemnation action.
This reasoning, however, fails to recognize that "quick-take" is the automatic vesting of title in the condemnor after certain procedural steps have been taken.
[section] 103(A) ('"Acquisition' means the act of vesting of title, right or interest to, real property for a public use, benefit or purpose, by virtue of the condemnor's exercise of the power of eminent domain." (emphasis added)).