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The HER2 IHC positive and negative cases appear to have slightly worse concordance rates in 2011 versus 2008 (5), although analysis is based on a limited response (331 out of 443 participants).
When ThinPrep, SurePath, and Papanicolaou-stained challenges were combined, considering similarity of the staining technique and morphologic details in these 3 groups and compared to modified Giemsa-stained challenges, concordance rates for adenocarcinoma and SCC were 54.
Amebic organisms were infrequently recognized, with the lowest overall concordance rate for the target diagnosis at only 41.
A replication of at least a 94% concordance rate was established as the primary efficacy end-point of the Phase 3 study to be conducted in patients with either breast cancer or melanoma.
The overall concordance rate, defined as the mean of the perrater concordance rates with respect to the reference evaluation, was 75.
To date, the results show a concordance rate in excess of 96% for lymph nodes identified with Lymphoseek and patent blue dyes.
Molnar (9) compared microscope slide and WSI diagnoses of 61 routine gastric biopsies and 42 routine colon biopsies, and reported a final concordance rate of 95.
The high concordance rate of SNPs detected by the Genome Analyzer with SNPs detected by independent technologies affirms the accuracy of Illumina's sequencing technology for discovery and validation of polymorphisms.