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The consideration for the acquisition of the Primary Concessions is payable on closing of the transaction which is subject to a number of conditions, including certain approvals by the government in Poland, as well as the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.
In reply to a query on the number of parents who have applied for concessions, GEMS issued a statement on Monday which read: "We cannot answer the specific question due to the highly sensitive, personal and confidential nature of the programme.
But parks officials said their scoring system ranked Monterey higher and the new concession group offered higher revenues for the city.
In Croatia for example some of special laws dealing with concessions are: Law on Telecommunications, Law on Roads, Law on Agricultural Land, Law on Hunting, Maritime Law, Law on Free Zones, Law on Public Roads and other laws.
Landlord concessions are an important economic factor in evaluating the office leasing market, but one on which it is very difficult to compile accurate and comprehensive information," said John F.
These men were awarded a contract at the airport earlier this year to expand its concession outlets.
This bill is totally destructive of any competition in the awarding of concession contracts," thundered Rep.
However, Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, whose district includes LAX, said a plan is in the works and that the council should use its existing powers to review the concession contracts.
Non concession concessions such as security deposit alternatives are a good example of how they can do just that.
But if the state does ask for more concessions, ``I don't think it's going to derail the merger,'' said Adam Miller, an analyst with Williams Capital Group in New York.