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A pattern on a chart indicating price movement in a security. See also: Technical analysis.


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The vocabulum naturale takes the concept formation out of the classical logic of essence.
Given that the CTONI was specifically designed to measure fluid reasoning abilities, these correlations provide some support for the GAMA as a measure of nonverbal concept formation, abstract reasoning, and deductive reasoning.
Putting typologies to work: Concept formation, measurement, and analytic rigour", Political Research Quarterly, Vol.
This sense that understanding the genesis of ideas matters in the field of knowledge and in concept formation is implicit through these lectures.
Following Windelband's differentiation between idiographic and nomothetic tendencies in conceptual formation, Heinrich Rickert produced an influential formulation of the distinction between nature and history in The Limits of Concept Formation in Natural Science.
Chapter 3, "Preliminaries to Concept Formation," regards the "preconceptualization" stage of the uncanny which took place between 1919 and roughly the mid 60's" (49).
In particular, it might have helped to fill out her account if she had mentioned other perspectives on concept formation.
We can attribute the concept formation in children's mind to the characteristics of cognitive development as in the personality formation.
Caffeine appeared to reduce errors compared to placebos or naps, and improve performance in various neuropsychological tests, including those focusing on memory, attention, perception and concept formation and reasoning.
On the whole, Nersessian presents a balanced, thoughtful treatment of model-based reasoning, concept formation, and change that is focused on her narrow (but important
Teranishi discusses the role of iconicity in metaphorical understanding, the relationship between concept and language, and metaphorical extensions as tools of concept formation.
put it that acquisition of abstract concept is the key step in human intelligence development (the neural mechanism of concept formation is not clear yet).

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