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For LU, 31 subjects presented with concave curvature of the LU profile: 16 limited community ambulators, 11 household ambulators, and 4 community ambulators.
For n [greater than or equal to] 0, [a.sub.0] < [b.sub.0], then the sequences [a.sub.n+1] = A([a.sub.n], [b.sub.n]) and [b.sub.n+1] = G([a.sub.n], [b.sub.n]) are respectively log concave and log convex.
First, the internal and external conical connections were compared to the concave and convex ones.
The configurations are convex dome and dimple concave, the diameters are 5mm and 3mm, and the heights are 0.5mm and 0.35mm respectively.
Each child was shown 10 images and asked whether they were convex or concave. The "correct" answer assumed an object was lit from above.
In my paper, I describe a basic telescope made from cardboard mailing tubes, having a simple convex lens as objective and a concave mirror as eyepiece, which produces virtually undistorted images at x9 power.
Concave area has increased considerably as a consequence of the larger cylinder and feed drum diameters.
"Concave" means something has an outline that curves inward, a depression.
The number (%) of notch types of glenoid cavity of 63 scapulae, in descending order, were as follows: type 1a (notch in shallow concave form) 24 (38.10%) (Figure 2), type 2a (prominent angular notch) 17 (26.98%) (Figure 2), type 0 (notch is absent) 13 (20.63%) (Figure 2), type 2b (prominent angular notch with prominent protuberance margin) 6 (9.53%) (Figure 2), type 1b (notch in shallow concave form with prominent protuberance margin) 3 (4.76%) (Figure 2).
Concave lower lateral cartilages not only cause an esthetic defect but can also lead to external nasal valve insufficiency.
We were the only house in the street with concave shelving.