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With computer-to-plate, WestWorld records the digital files for the magazine onto CD-R and sends the disc to our printer in Wisconsin.
Furthermore, keeping in the forefront of new technology, the Company projects estimated yearly savings of more than $450,000 by using the Computer-To-Plate process.
Hands-off' printing like Lason Online represents the future -- part of our vision of automating print with computer-to-plate.
Presstek's products and applications incorporate PEARL technologies and utilize PEARL consumables for computer-to-plate and direct-to-press applications.
The Dual Cassette is the latest feature in an already impressive product, adding flexibility and increased productivity to a computer-to-plate system proven for its speed, reliability, and quality.
is pleased to announce the shipment of its 1000th Trendsetter(R) very-large-format (VLF) computer-to-plate (CTP) device.
It makes Computer-to-Plate practical and affordable for mainstream printers.
OneFlow offers custom workflow automation for managing output to multiple Computer-To-Plate devices, presenting high growth opportunities to Mitsubishi Imaging customers who are looking to expand their services and drive new revenue," said Frank Mallozzi, VP Worldwide Sales at EFI.
The PlateStream 46 is the second model in the revolutionary PlateStream family of silver-halide platesetters utilizing Printware's unique computer-to-plate technology.

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