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Computer-to-Plate Technologies, Wednesday, March 11
In addition, ICN also offers computer-to-plate YAG and CO2 laser engravers & plate makers as well as flatbed inkjet printers.
During the last couple of years pounds 270,000 has been spent on a six-colour press and pounds 85,000 on a computer-to-plate system, which has helped the company by lowering supplier costs and, as a result, allowing it to become more competitive.
Following strict cGMP guidelines and operating procedures to offer printing in up to six colors including inline aqueous coatings, the cartons are printed via the thermal computer-to-plate method to provide sharper resolution, speed production and reduce costs.
Mr Nation said the new Cobra CTP machine uses computer-to-plate technology which allows Kazoo to speed up work.
There are two ways to transfer an image from a computer to a printing plate: analogue computer-to-film method; or the more recent digital computer-to-plate method.
Both of these investments follow the successful execution of a three-year, $3 million technological upgrade, which included the acquisition of two new high-definition flexographic presses along with computer-to-plate digital platemaking equipment.
Computer-to-plate (CTP) and direct-to-press digital printing have profoundly altered the playing field for the print and publishing industry.

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