computer-aided manufacturing

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computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

the use of COMPUTERS to impart operating instructions to NUMERICALLY-CONTROLLED MACHINES and ROBOTS employed in PRODUCTION systems (mass production, batch production, group technology and flexible manufacturing systems). CAM enables PRODUCTION SCHEDULING to be completed more efficiently and quickly, particularly in rescheduling production to accommodate new or redesigned components or products. CAM systems are especially effective when linked to COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN (CAD), for with CAD/CAM computer software packages it is possible to provide design specifications and parts lists for components or products directly to the machines that will produce these items.
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According to BlueWeave Consulting, The Global Computer-Aided Manufacturing Market is expected to grow with a significant rate during the forecast period 2019-2025, owing to rapid industrialization, growing usage of CAM software in packaging machinery and increasing adoption of cloud technologies.
Integrating computer-aided design with computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system produces quicker and more efficient manufacturing processes.
These technologies include melt protection, computer-aided manufacturing, heat treatment and microstructure control.
The approach uses some of the best practices evolved through various proven methodologies, such as Total Quality Management, Value Stream Mapping, Re-Engineering, Six Sigma, Baldridge, Lean, IDEF (Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (ICAM) DEFinition), and others.
Today product development integrates materials testing to computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and CAE.
(Griffin, GA), a manufacturer of automotive electronics, is adopting computer-aided manufacturing using XML (CAMX), an exchange framework that will allow its equipment and applications to speak the same language.
From the CAD data, the automated manufacturing processes for the CNC equipment are developed and prepared using a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software package.
rapid 3-D "virtual" prototyping, and computer-aided manufacturing. CIMS process and resource optimization improved CHN's TQCS (time to market, quality, cost and service).
There are only two things that could be called "robotic" in the system: The computer-aided manufacturing machinery that built the parts (conveniently ignored, for the most part) and the final product, which required some hand assembly.
Peter Lloyd, managing director, said: "We have been given very practical advice and financial assistance to implement a new sales order process and computer-aided manufacturing system.
As increasingly higher levels of interoperability emerge among CAE, computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and product data management (PDM) systems, enterprises will be better able to manage a product over its entire life cycle and to interact with outside partners.

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