computer-aided design

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computer-aided design (CAD)

the use of COMPUTERS in the DESIGN of new components or products and in the re-design of existing products. Unlike hand drawings, CAD design specifications can be shown on a visual display unit and redrawn to produce different versions of the components or product. CAD can also be linked to computer-aided process planning (CAPP) to determine the best methods by which to manufacture a product. Moreover, a component or product can be subjected to various tests of strength, performance, etc. using computer-aided engineering (CAE) software without having to build prototypes; thus changes in product design can be made quickly and cheaply (see NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT). CAD is particularly useful in designing and classifying components and products used in GROUP TECHNOLOGY production and in FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. See COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING.
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computer-aided design (CAD)

The use of computer software to assist in performing standard architectural and engineering design services. Products range from the most basic shareware home design and landscaping software to sophisticated systems with three-dimensional flyover and walk-through capabilities,project budgeting,and timeline creation.

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Chapter 9 is concerned with computer-aided design (CAD).
The most frequently used stand-alone technologies or technology combinations are computer-aided design, numerical control tools, and the combination of these two technologies.
* Computer-aided design makes complex ultrasonic horns easy.
Computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing systems will tie all branches of a factory into design.
Foundries and their customers will increasingly expect to see computer-aided design systems used for castings.
The camp took place on July 16-19 in the college's Building O facilities where students learned about careers in manufacturing and gained hands-on experience in computer-aided design, welding and sheet metal cutting.
This year's volume discusses such aspects of dental technology as the classification and clinical cases of minimally invasive prosthetic procedures, the computer aided design and manufacture of high-strength glass-ceramics, adhesive oral rehabilitation of a tetracycline-stained dentition with minimally invasive indirect restorations, mastering aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the severely worn dentition, maintaining the aesthetics of anterior teeth with a flapless single-tooth immediate implant placement, a challenge to natural teeth, computer-aided design and manufacture for complete denture fabrication, the reservoir technique, and the automated production of multi-layer anterior restorations with digitally produced dentin cores.
Albany, NY, February 20, 2013 --( TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Computer-aided Design market to grow at a CAGR of 7 percent over the period 2011-2015.
Computer-aided design, manufacturing, modeling and simulation; proceedings; 2v.
Engineers at Grand Rapids Spring and Stamping Inc., which makes custom stampings, assemblies, and springs for the automotive industry, recently moved from separate computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing systems to an integrated application.
Computer-aided design and engineering systems can expedite product development so there can be a proliferation of products.

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