visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
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Repeat this for all three RGB subpixels and you have a computer display.
We may therefore suggest that writing which appears on a computer display, being nothing but a contiguous band of tiny discrete dots, does not count as writing made up of letters.
A 12-week lutein supplementation improves visual function in Chinese people with long-term computer display light exposure.
The mobile computer display presents exclusive special offers and promotions to customers, based on their purchase history and current shopping behavior.
The technology is known as IIDS/EXCDS (Integrated Information Display System/Extended Computer Display System) and enables air traffic controllers to manage flight data online, providing immediate access to information and eliminating the need for traditional paper flight strips.
Thanks to the cash boost, visitors to the seafront boathouse will now be able to enjoy an interactive computer display to find out more about the work of the RNLI.
Staff are simultaneously informed of events and alarms through the handheld radios and by a computer display and voice synthesizer.
It should be noted that working in units of dots-per-inch off a computer display versus engineering units in a CAD system limits the accuracy of measurements to about 0.01 in.
Samples are just placed in front of the device and the analysis is shown immediately on a computer display.
The facility will recycle televisions, computer display monitors and laptop computers.
The process starts by loading the CAD data onto the computer display. The data is then transformed into a .CLI file, which converts the 3-D object into a sequence of slices.

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