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Tobii Dynavox, a provider of eye-controlled communication and computer access products, is upgrading several of its products with new eye-tracking components.
Dolphin Computer Access develops software which enables blind and visually impaired computer users to access technology in the same way as fully sighted users.
of Pittsburgh) presents a guide for rehabilitation professionals and special educators who provide computer access services to people with disabilities.
The DisplayPort Computer Access Module (CAM) enables the CATx and CATxIP range of KVM switches together with the ADDERLink X200 extender to connect directly to a dual-mode DisplayPort interface.
Noel Duffy, managing director of the Dolphin Computer Access Group, said: "The acquisition of Software Express broadens the Dolphin brand portfolio and offers the business the flexibility to deliver easy-to-use solutions to the fastest-growing sector of the access technology market, the over 60s.
He is charged with breach of trust, using false documents and unauthorised computer access.
He was arrested last month and charged with breach of trust, using false documents and unauthorised computer access before being released on bail.
Only one day after SAS Braathens CEO Petter Jansen resigned, the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Okokrim) said it filed charges against the airline for illegal computer access and misuse of business secrets.
Teens with home computer access are 6 to 8 percentage points more likely to graduate high school than those who don't have a PC in the house, according to a new University of California-Santa Cruz study.
It should be noted that a computer or having computer access is not essential because as a reference resource on the subject of archaeology, this book is complete and self-contained.
Geocaching' uses a GPS receiver and map, compass and computer access to locate a 'virtual cache'.
The number of unauthorized computer access reports in 2004 increased by 45.

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