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Same Store Sales

When a retail company owns several stores, the amount in sales made by stores that have been open for more than one year. It is calculated by subtracting the amount in sales made by new stores from the total sales in a given period. Same store sales are useful because they allow a company to have an indication how much demand for its products is growing in stores that currently exist. Increases in same store sales may be as useful to expansion as opening new stores as they do not carry the overhead associated with it. Same store sales are released on a monthly basis and are also known as comps.
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Shorthand for comparable properties, used in appraisal.

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Tests were administered one week prior to the simulated COMP. Respiratory gas measures were conducted using a wireless portable ergo-spirometry system (Oxycon Mobile Pro, Jager, Wurzburg, Germany) in breath-by-breath mode.
LabT data were deemed useful to provide relevant information to other measures made during COMP trials.
A year later, comp numbers compare a store open a full 30 or 31 selling days with one open three or four days.
The same folks who brought you chargebacks, markdown math and reverse auctions work on same-store comp scams in their spare time.
Three players finished with 19 points in a Winter League comp, Jean Batten Jones winning from Karen Jones and Jenny Jones and Jean Jones (19) won another comp from Lynne Monro (19) and Dilys Jones (17).
TERRY HILLARY scored 41 points to beat Andy Baker and Gary Simmonds by one in a comp at RHOS-ON-SEA and club president Tony Fox scored 29 points over 12 holes to finish four clear of Joe Chapman and Barri Jones.
Taylor scored 20 to win the first comp by two from Bailey and 26 to win the second comp by five from Joinson.
The result was a modest increase in the HFN Comp Sales Average, which rose 2.1 percent in April.
Comps at the retailer's Duckwall stores fell 4.2 percent.
Organizations trying to modernize their workers' comp and disability management programs face many challenges.
Brian Downes (46) won a senior comp by four from Mike Hollings with Tom Grady third on 41 and John Kelty, Maelor Davies and Keith and Brian Jones scored 56.3 to win a senior Texas Scramble from the three man team of Noel Jones, Robert Jarvis and Mike Griffiths.