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Same Store Sales

When a retail company owns several stores, the amount in sales made by stores that have been open for more than one year. It is calculated by subtracting the amount in sales made by new stores from the total sales in a given period. Same store sales are useful because they allow a company to have an indication how much demand for its products is growing in stores that currently exist. Increases in same store sales may be as useful to expansion as opening new stores as they do not carry the overhead associated with it. Same store sales are released on a monthly basis and are also known as comps.


Shorthand for comparable properties, used in appraisal.

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Arthur Duddle (40) won one senior comp on a countback from John Curran with Bob Dukeson (39) third, George Evans (38) won another from Eilian Williams (37) and Alan Thornhill (34) and Brian Peters (3-up) won a bogey from Arthur Ames and Glyn Jones, both on 1-up.
Stephanie Chalk (19) won one Winter League comp on a countback from Sandra Morris with Dilys Jones (18) third and Maria Morgan (20) another from Val Jinks (17) and Sue McCarthy (17).
Elliot Flick of the Flick Report and the COMMERCIAL Broker's Network, commented: "We are pleased to become part of COMPS.
With as few as 30 National Comps points, members can start to receive rewards.
In California, COMPS currently publishes thousands of confirmed sales transactions in 11 MSAs and 24 counties per year.
The oil-linked ComPS make investing in oil exposure as simple and efficient as investing in stocks.
The ComPS Series B securities do not pay a dividend and have full principal-at-risk.
11 in San Diego and is scheduled to be made available nationally on a market-by-market basis over the next 12 months; Pipeline, an adjunct to COMPSLink, COMPS' acclaimed software database management package that provides the most current COMPS information available; and Spectrum, a subscription/Internet-based data warehousing platform.
In addition to the standard Comp Points, players on the site will also receive Daily Comp Points just for stopping by.