composite tape

Composite tape

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Composite Tape

A record of the transactions occurring on an exchange on a given trading day, updated in real time or with only a slight delay. Before electronic tickers became common, most records of trading were printed out on strips of paper known as the composite tape. It is more common now to refer to an exchange's live record as a ticker. When tape was common, trading volume sometimes became so heavy for a security that the tape publicly announcing quotes was delayed by a significant amount of time, usually a minute or two. This was called a tape is late situation.

composite tape

A security price reporting service that includes all transactions in a security on each of the exchanges and in the over-the-counter market. A composite tape is structured to provide a complete picture of a security's price and volume activity rather than limiting the information to that which occurs on a single exchange.
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Tenders are invited for Fp modified ptfe/polymide/fp composite tape and fp tape insulated wire etc
Automated composite tape lay-up using robotic devices.
The composite tape is a magnetic, heat curing epoxy sealant laminated to a 0-90 woven fiberglass reinforcing layer from Henkel Corporation (Terocore 16005[TM]) available in 1-2 mm thickness.
The composite pipe incorporates Ticona's Celstran CFR-TP continuous fiberglass reinforced HDPE thermoplastic composite tape, which is wound around a specially designed, extruded thin-wall HDPE thermoplastic liner and heat consolidated by a proprietary process developed by Composite Fluid Transfer.
The system makes it possible for fabricators to consider combining composite tape and fiber in the same part, and it certainly can improve the cost structure for the industry by maximizing equipment utilization and facilitating use of tower cost tape to a greater extent," Kappesser explained.
A variety of constructions, including polyethylene foam dielectric in a closed-cell design, interlayer aluminum composite tape bonded to the dielectric for high shielding (better than 90 dR) and tinned copper outer braid * Triple-shielded versions are available
The application, which went into production at Fiberforge in February, is a military backpack frame made of TPU composite tape.
Patented is a composite tape in a roll from which a closure tab for disposable articles can be cut.
Enclosed with the letter was a composite tape of the most salacious episodes recorded by FBI microphones hidden in King's hotel and motel rooms over the previous ten months, a tape containing what a later Senate investigation would describe as "private life material".
A reading packet, together with a composite tape of video clips from TV programs, video games, and films, was created to guide discussion.
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