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an item such as a gearbox, steering wheel, etc. which is used in the assembly of another component or final product (such as a motorcar). See PARTS FAMILY CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT, AFTER-SALES SERVICE.
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We suggest that the componential complexity of Aboriginal ceremony constitutes a kind of foregrounding, which produces defamiliarization in the participant in which the objects, events, and utterances are no longer ordinary, but take on Ancestral power.
The Social psychology of creativity: A Componential conceptualization.
The power to be creative at work: examining the componential model of employee creativity, 2008, in The Eastern Academy of Management Annual Conference in Washington, DC [online], [cited February 2015].
On the basis of the componential theory of creativity, an individual who is not intrinsically motivated will not use his/her skills and expertise to perform and function creatively.
11 are shown graphs of body element C3, Componential Forces F(x) and F(y) and Torque T(z).
It seems, from the componential analysis of the nominals in the structure, that the only componential element that may be considered different is the gender of the words being analysed.
Table 1 illustrates the componential analysis results and identifies the resulting Nevada CTE student phenomenon, which includes 25 discriminate variables that contributed most to understanding individual differences of college choice.
The concept of seme originated in the theory componential analysis.
All figures obtained from SEM were analyzed by three observers in order uniform aprismatic layer with significant microhardness loss and componential alteration of enamel surface.
In an effort to reconcile conflicting theoretical traditions, we advocate a componential approach which treats event appraisal, motivational shifts, physiological responses, motor expression, and subjective feeling as dynamically interrelated and integrated components during emotion episodes.
Algorithms also vary in efficiency depending on whether they are analyzing a student's writing holistically or whether the algorithm is analyzing various components within a text, which is referred to as the componential method that examines multiple features in a student's writing.

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