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an item such as a gearbox, steering wheel, etc. which is used in the assembly of another component or final product (such as a motorcar). See PARTS FAMILY CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT, AFTER-SALES SERVICE.
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Another theoretical contribution of this research is the validation of componential model of creativity (Amabile & Pratt, 2016).
Underlying the lists of competences and subcompetences of such componential models is a notion of knowledge as something that is encoded and can be acquired through transfer from one brain to another.
Analytical strategies involved in the componential characterization of bio-oil produced from lignocellulosic biomass were reviewed by Y.
We suggest that the componential complexity of Aboriginal ceremony constitutes a kind of foregrounding, which produces defamiliarization in the participant in which the objects, events, and utterances are no longer ordinary, but take on Ancestral power.
Theory of mind disability in major depression with or without psychotic symptoms: A componential view.
A componential analysis of task-switching deficits associated with lesions of left and right frontal cortex.
Amabile [20, 23] suggested a Componential Model of Creativity, which includes domain-relevant skills, creativity-relevant skills, and task motivation.
According to Amabile's (1983) componential theory of creativity, creativity is the generation of novel and valuable ideas that involve better products, processes, practices and problem solving.
A Componential View of Children's Difficulties in Learning Fractions.

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