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I shall show that the Aethiopica is a work which repeatedly signals that it is not giving a full account of all the instances of information transfer which are relevant to the plot, thereby inviting us to read the novel in a completive way and to do exactly what we are arguably required to do at the end of Book Ten: to add to the communication line a missing link which is necessary for making sense of passages which refer to certain characters' states of knowledge.
In Hume's account, default rules are a result of completive interpretation (erganzende Auslegung), a way of interpretation that is, he emphasizes, "normative.
The most successful projects we have done recently are from completive bid approach," Kluge adds.
The owners of Chamberlains recognise that they are in a completive market place and therefore do regular restaurant offers.
Initially, it should be noted that there are several factors that a completive petitioner must weigh that are common to all three types of administrative review.
Propos qui seront implicitement pris comme vrais, d'une part, puisque le verbe factif "saber" presuppose la veracite de la completive qu'il introduit, d'autre part, grace a la position--legitimee par le suffrage universel--qu'occupe le locuteur face a son auditoire.
Human Resource has always been considered a completive edge in any industry, most acknowledge it, few take concrete actions and fewer take the initiate to produce such resources.
The Senior Male category (30 plus age group) is as always, expected to be a tough and completive race.
For many years they have had a rivalry centered on promoting an annual completive sports event.
Une completive est, en toute rigueur, un groupe pronominal: que (relatif ou integratif) P [est], d'ou safacilite a jouer tous les roles du nom dans la phrase.
The study established that a very large scale operation is viable, with completive operating and capital costs.