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Antibody titer of the sample, for both Pasteurella multocida and FMD virus, was determined by Complement Fixation Test (CFT).
The isolate cross-reacted very closely with CVV, MAGV, and PLAV virus in complement fixation but only with CVV and PLAV by plaque-reduction neutralization test (37).
Serological tests: immunodiffusion, complement fixation, and latex agglutination test
Evaluation of the complement fixation and indirect immunofluorescence tests in the early diagnosis of primary Q fever.
Evaluation of the samples for viral serology was done by using complement fixation method by the virologist at AFIP.
Some diagnostic criteria have been described to consider a primary cutaneous compromise (30): absence of pulmonary disease history, clear history of traumatic inoculation, short incubation period (1-3 weeks) previous to the onset of the symptoms, initial chancriform lesion (nodule o asymptomatic plaque, indurated with central ulceration), lymphadenopathy or lymphadenitis, positive precipitins, initial positive coccodiodin skin test, and negative complement fixation titers, with posterior positive very low titers, and spontaneous healing in a few weeks in immunocompetent patients.
8%) were positive for antibodies against Varicella zoster virus by complement fixation test, 30 (29.
Both serum antibody complement fixation and pleural fluid antigen detection tests for Coccidioides were negative, and the lung biopsy did not show evidence of granuloma with Coccidioides spherules.
Fungal culture (31%) and complement fixation (30%) were the most common diagnostic tests.
These birds were evaluated for the presence of antibodies against Chlamydophila psittaci by complement fixation test and C.
The indirect and competitive ELISA (I-ELISA and C-ELISA), the complement fixation test (CFT) and the fluorescence polarization (FPA) have the lowest detection threshold for this class of antibodies (NIELSEN & DUNCAN, 1990).
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