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In a lawsuit, the party making a complaint. A plaintiff seeks some compensation, whether monetary or otherwise, for some perceived wrong for which the other party (the defendant) is claimed to be responsible. For example, if Frank crashes his car into John's house and John sues for the damages, John is the plaintiff in the case.


The person who files a lawsuit. See also petitioner.

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The complainant is 'wanted' for various cases in Abu Dhabi.
Orekoya lured the complainant to his house by lying to her that one of his friends, who was willing to employ her was at his house.
Every time they engaged in video calling, subject (Bukhari) was demanding complainant to show her private parts, which the latter did out of love for the subject, without realizing the possible consequences,' Gierran said.
The complainant is a member of the Shuhada Foundation of Pakistan which came into existence after the 2007 military operation at Islamabad's Lal Masjid.
Mr Lloyd and the complainant went back to his home in Constellation Street, Adamsdown, where they had sex.
Later on that evening Putland returned to Mr Lloyd's home as he was due to stay there for the night and went up to his friend's bedroom, where the complainant was lying in bed.
However, when the complainant gave his evidence, he changed the story he had given in a police statement signed on March 11.
This is where things tend to get complicated; confusing these two factors--the state of mind of the complainant and the state of mind of the accused--has led to much judicial debate and a number of significant court rulings in this area.
No occurrence was made in the court premises but the complainant falsely stated in his FIR that accused Javaid Abbasi and Azam Khan beaten him in the limits of district court and gave threats.
Giving some examples of the similarities in the 12 testimonies, Duran said all of these testimonies end with the sentence: "As part of this investigation, I am filing charges against Fethullah GE-len and all media members, police officers and civilians who act under the orders of this complainant.
Mr R D Cripps, who prosecuted, said the complainant was Valentine Mulholland, a tramway conductor, and the defendant Thomas Silver, whose wife held an off wine and spirit licence near to the Smithdown Road tramway shed.