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Now that you better understand compensating behaviors, I'll discuss two of the most common types of waste I've seen on a packaging line.
Finally, it is essential to implement a good set of compensating controls to ensure that there is always a backup plan to address a vulnerability that may impact operations.
The final section 482 regulations allow taxpayers to report transaction results on timely filed returns based on prices different from those actually charged(33) (commonly referred to as "compensating adjustments").
A schematic drawing and circuit layout of a temperature compensated Ka-band (26 to 40 GHz) VCO with two possible placements of a compensating capacitor [C.sub.c) are shown in Figure 6.
Research on measuring compensating differentials endeavors to explain observed variations in wages by means of an equation which relates worker and job characteristics to wage levels.
She further clarified that no one is opposed to the airport expansion adding that residents only want their compensating so that they can leave the area.
ISLAMABAD -- The longstanding issue of compensating people for their land in E-12 took a political turn after a local MNA accused leaders of the ruling party of giving preference to some people during the finalising of the list of people who are to be compensated.
Transmitter pre-compensation with cutback: This is an open-loop method of compensating for some of the signal loss that is most severe on the first part of a signal's transition.
This is all accomplished while- compensating, the primary care physician only a farthing and flooding him or her with a blizzard of paper and phone calls.
By carefully measuring the compensating electric force, they could deduce the gravitational force and calculate G.
These analyses would have come out differently if the purpose had been to compare the cost to the employer of nonqualified deferred compensation with the cost of compensating the executive directly.