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Decide which equipment to use, and how to use it most effectively, without having an objective comparison method
Also, the "patch-based" method is conducted for the general texture analysis on the ROI instead of the global comparison method.
Researchers at Accenture Labs partnered with 1QBit to create the new application, which improves Biogen's present molecule comparison method with quantum capabilities.
used the beta-quantification reference method as a comparison method, whereas in our study, pairwise comparisons exclusively involved routine methods.
These major differences between datasets are, to some degree, being accounted for by the regression model, but not by visual comparison of histograms or the actuarial comparison method.
Then the previously proposed EEARTH based dynamic curve comparison method is illustrated briefy.
Ionization vacuum gauges were tested by comparison method using custom made vacuum system.
We modify the original equation by weights of different resources as advocated by pairwise comparison method.
For example, principles in the investment method/income approach, the contractor's method/depreciated replacement cost and sales comparison method are used in both countries; however, these approaches may be applied differently in the United States than in Jamaica.

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