comparative market analysis

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comparative market analysis (CMA)

An analysis of the value of property by taking only a very few market indicators, such as price per square foot for land or price per unit for apartments, and then extrapolating to the property under analysis.This does not constitute an appraisal,but may give prospective sellers a basis for setting a sales price for listing purposes.

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Fifty-five percent of real estate agents felt that having a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) done is a very smart thing to do before selling a home.
Instead, they offer corporate clients extensive independent comparative market analysis and vendor benchmarking, state-of-the-art trustee level investment/due diligence reporting and fund monitoring, innovative retirement and non-qualified plan structures, partnership in creating an investment policy statement, and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)/merger & acquisition guidance.
Also, yard and lead-in signage is priority delivered in a marketing kit that includes a comparative market analysis, a how-to book, flyer tubes and optional lock boxes.
The attorney's role is advisory and provides an outside expert with whom the senior may review all materials during the home selling process, from comparative market analysis to escrow documents, and the method of transfer from proceeds of the sale.
In addition, customers receive full Internet and Realtor(R) support through web-based tools--such as comparative market analysis, home pricing calculator and virtual negotiating table--and a toll-free telephone service staffed by licensed real estate agents.
This latest version incorporates a host of new and enhanced features-including a new Comparative Market Analysis module, an online report editor, and improvements to the prospecting and listing maintenance functions- making it even easier for agents to differentiate their services while managing their listings and clients more efficiently.
MLS Passport adds robust features such as contact management, distributed database, prospect tracking and notification, and an enhanced comparative market analysis (CMA) module to broaden the agent's reach and improve productivity.

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