comparative market analysis

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comparative market analysis (CMA)

An analysis of the value of property by taking only a very few market indicators, such as price per square foot for land or price per unit for apartments, and then extrapolating to the property under analysis.This does not constitute an appraisal,but may give prospective sellers a basis for setting a sales price for listing purposes.

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"We do everything from staging the apartment [taking out furniture and accessories that detract from the attraction of the space] to a comparative market analysis. The first time a buyer calls, we send them a letter detailing all of our services.
A complete Comparative Market Analysis is conducted of the surrounding area and made available for prospective buyers.
Home sellers receive a comparative market analysis prepared by participating local Zillow "premier" agents.
"I do a comparative market analysis of homes my buyers are considering.
"As part of the process we do a comparative market analysis which compares the property being sold with other properties on the market and also ones we are aware of that have sold.
Users can also access create, and email Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports from various MLS systems via the new CMA import utility in On-Line Agent

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