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The ABLV's Cyprus unit is ABLV Corporate Services Ltd, registered in September 2010, and is a unit of the Riga-based ABLV Corporate Services Holding SIA, a subsidiary of the ABLV Group, according to the website of the Department of Company Registrar and Official Receiver.
Its ownership had mysteriously changed hands overnight at the Company Registrar in September 2011 without the knowledge of the trustee.
However, according to the Regulations, the company registrar of JAFZA ("Registrar") may apply certain provisions of the UAE Companies Law where the Regulations are silent on a certain matter.
For the purpose, the group has registered 'Dangote Cement Nepal Private Limited' at the Office of Company Registrar.
Jersey also requires that beneficial ownership information be obtained and held by its company registrar.
Companies House, the UK company registrar, recorded Mr Retout's parting as director on Saturday, July 17.
Multiple identity/residence proof, as your depository or the company registrar may ask for more than one proof.
Craig Carpenter, vice president and general counsel of enterprise search firm Recommind, says: "The company registrar can reject information that is submitted incorrectly, and can even reject forms containing too much information.
Send it and your certificate to the company registrar and they will re-issue one in your daughter's name.
Demetris Taxitaris, one of the directors of Symmetria according to the company registrar, is also general manager of MAP S.
In 2011, the Bank divested from its insurance, asset management, and company registrar subsidiaries in line with Central Bank of Nigeria directives mandating banks to divest its holding of non-banking subsidiaries.