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Informal for comparison or comparison ticket; statements two brokers give to each other to confirm the details about a trade of a security to which they agreed. Details include the price and size of the transaction. The comps the brokers give one another must agree before the trade can be settled. See also: Don't Know.


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LUBA Workers' Comp brings to Texas a complete claims department with a comprehensive loss control team ready to assist businesses in implementing safety standards and procedures.
The fact that workers' comp has become a costly place for insurers isn't an argument for the death of workers' comp.
12 Consolidation of above stone ballast etc all comp
Brian Downes (46) won a senior comp by four from Mike Hollings with Tom Grady third on 41 and John Kelty, Maelor Davies and Keith and Brian Jones scored 56.
Provides: Dance class, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
Seeking clarification on what it could or could not do regarding reducing the accumulated comp time of its employees, Harris County wrote a letter to the Department of Labor (DOL) asking "whether the Sheriff may schedule non-exempt employees to use or take comp time.
Comps at Penney's drugstore unit increased 8 percent, with front-end sales climbing 2.
The bill addresses such issues as rising medical and disability costs, subjective standards and excessive litigation, all of which have contributed to increased workers' comp costs.
is charged with both acting as the workers' comp insurer of last resort and keeping insurance affordable and available to all employers, said Terry Frakes, senior vice president for the company.
A combined team from Edwards, Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, Hill Air Force Base in Utah, and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma has stripped down and rebuilt one Comp Air 7SLX, which had its first test flight at Edwards in April.
A lot of people think workers' comp is just a part of the cost of doing business, and that's exactly the wrong way to look at it," says Rabin.
Comp committees have expanded their role far beyond the determination of appropriate levels of base and bonus compensation for top executives.

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