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Informal for comparison or comparison ticket; statements two brokers give to each other to confirm the details about a trade of a security to which they agreed. Details include the price and size of the transaction. The comps the brokers give one another must agree before the trade can be settled. See also: Don't Know.


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1180 supposedly makes it unlawful for an employer to coerce or intimidate an employee into accepting compensatory (comp) time, it fails to provide any administrative remedies for employees who have been coerced into accepting comp time or whose rights to freely choose comp time versus overtime payments have been violated," the conference leaders wrote.
Arthur Duddle (40) won one senior comp on a countback from John Curran with Bob Dukeson (39) third, George Evans (38) won another from Eilian Williams (37) and Alan Thornhill (34) and Brian Peters (3-up) won a bogey from Arthur Ames and Glyn Jones, both on 1-up.
Provides: Chiropractic, dance class, FICA/MC, physiotherapy, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
If not exactly apples to apples, same-store comps at least gave some indication which way a given retail operation was tilting.
In making this argument, the employees relied upon a legal canon and contended that "the express grant of control to employees to use comp time, subject to the elimination regarding undue disruptions of workplace operation, implies that all other methods of spending comp time are precluded.
The courts eventually found that Bennett was indeed Christi's employer of record, that he should have purchased a workers comp policy for her, and that because he neglected to do so he was therefore liable for her medical expenses.
You can't do much about the overall state of worker's comp, but you can reduce your premiums.
Consequently, I doubt if COMP would want to come face to face with farmers of Pangasinan and La Union whose rice fields have been virtually 'cemented' by the wastes dumped by mines into the river systems from which they draw their irrigation.
6 P/L CC in 1:6:12 with cement, C sand and brick ballast etc all comp
Lindquist (39) finished runner-up to Paul Duffy (31) in division one of another comp with Nick Gibbs (28) third while Tom Gibson Jones (31) won division two on a countback from Keith Jones Davies with Ben Temple (30) third.

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