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(19) Zwicker links his decision to leave Icaria in late 1854 to a general drop in numbers at that date, and to personal reasons: he had some time previously "buried my Wife a French lady and a little Child." With this, with "the decline of our Communistic prospect," and other reasons unspecified, "I got disco[u]raged and left." Zwicker's wife was very likely called Julie Cadet, whom he is recorded marrying in July 1853.
The newly acquired democracy, after more than 40 years of communistic regime, brought a deep economic crisis, unemployment and inflation.
In contrast to the work at the aforementioned commercial gallery in Chelsea, which took aim at a capitalistic, image-saturated society, this show, titled "Anti-Prow," tackled communistic ideals.
So today there are social democracies in Western Europe and elsewhere which have co- opted Communistic concerns for the underclass even as they kept the coordinates of their free market system intact.
Formation of the collection started in 1950s by initiative of First Secretary of Kyrgyz SSR Communistic Party Iskhak Razzakov.
I want a tightly run ship " Film maker Michael Winner "The French undoubtedly have annoying communistic tendencies and their idea of what constitutes a proper breakfast for a grown man is frankly pitiable" James May of Top Gear fame "The foreign press have written that I hate women.
Morgan's work, however, focused on what he called "the communistic household." Another set of assumptions underlying those who wait for the foreigner to arrive is laid out in his meticulous analysis of the laws of hospitality governing the social formation of this communistic household among North American Indians in Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines, published originally in the year of his death, 1881.
The calls to bring back the discredited, so-called socialistic or Communistic, way back are irresponsible.
He's drawn into company work by his larger-than-life uncle, the myth-making Colonel, a legendary World War II hero in the Pacific theater, who now struts about Southeast Asia doing battle with the communistic Enemy.
King said: "If we were incarcerated behind the iron curtains of a communistic nation, we couldn't do this.
During his tenure, the ministry produced various materials attacking that constitutional principle as non-historical and even communistic.
I'm not suggesting that our Founding Fathers who promoted public schools--including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington--had socialist tendencies, or that American education is communistic. I'm concerned, however, about the evolution of public schooling in the United States and want to distinguish between universal access to a quality education and public education.